Coronavirus Prediction by Ancient Indian Astrologer

Coronavirus predictions by astrologer

The novel Coronavirus has taken a huge toll on the entire world. The virus has killed more than 20,000 people all across the globe. Further, The disease is highly contagious and people are dreading the consequences. People wish that they were warned about this crisis earlier. However, the Hindu ancient texts had already made a coronavirus prediction and its effect on the entire world.

The virus has compelled people to go under lockdown for days. But no the disease is only getting worse with passing time. The outcome was forecasted by many. Read further to find out

Narada Samhita

Narda Samhita an ancient Hindu astrologer had already mentioned Coronavirus outbreak in his verses. He had predicted the virus more than 10,000 years ago. Moreover, he had also given the accurate time at which the pandemic will occur.

Furthermore, he gave an account of how there will be a war between powerful leaders. The climatic changes will worsen and the pandemic will hit in late 2019. He gave a brief about the origin of the epidemic that is from the Eastern part of the country.

Moreover, the year in which Saturn is the ruling planet that year is likely to face an epidemic. According to the specific code the virus is governed by Saturn and Rahu’s malefic effect on planet earth. The year 2020 sums up to the 4 which is Rahu number. This leads to several respiratory diseases, itching, and throat infections.

Prediction on Coronavirus end

Despite the numerous prediction on the coronavirus outbreak, the end was also envisioned. According to Narada Samhita, The Coronavirus won’t last for more than 3 to 7 months. Due to the placement of Saturn in Capricorn, the virus effects will cause havoc. However, after 14th April of as the Sun enters Aries, the pandemic will start to recede.

A similar prediction was made by Psychic Sylvia Browne about the widespread of the virus that will cause pneumonia-like disease. Nostradamus a French astrologer, is also credited for his accurate prediction about the COVID19 spread.


The year 2020 is a depressing year for all, but this phase won’t last long. Better days are anticipated as there will be growth in the technological sector. The health will be restored from the month of June and the virus will bid us farewell soon enough. However, we shouldn’t completely rely on these predictions.

his is the time to take the utmost precaution and stay under quarantine till the pandemic ceases. Stay home and follow all the lockdown rules for sane health. Vaccines for the outbreak of the virus are being worked upon, till then we need to calm down. Stay healthy and step out of the house when necessary.

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