Covid-19- Zodiac Signs That Need to Work on Their Immunity

Covid-19- 3 Zodiac Signs That Need to Work on Their Immunity

The recent outbreak of a deadly virus named Covid-19 is responsible for creating havoc around the world and devouring a large number of population. It has affected almost half a million of the population of our planet, and still cannot be contained. This virus is a member of the Corona-Virus family and is on the run to beat all records and become the deadliest catastrophe caused by a virus.

At this stage, where Covid-19 has affected almost all the countries of the world, only we hold the key to stop this from spreading. Taking necessary precautions, improving our habits, socially isolating ourselves from the rest of the world, is the only way to end the chain. Here are the zodiac signs that have to work on their immunity. So follow our advice to be safe.

Virgo/कन्या (23rd August to 22nd September)

Unfortunately, Virgo tops the list because of their undying desire to be the best in everything. Virgo is the most hard-working people, with each and everything is taken care of. They might be following balanced diets, proper work out plans, and trying to do anything to keep themselves busy in this quarantine during Covid-19.

But the constantly poking conscience is the root cause for them to be on this list. Virgos are naturally programmed to push themselves off-limits in doing even the smallest task where their full potential might not even be required. Always being overworked may take a hit on your immunity and catch you off guard.

So, we suggest calming your mind by meditating for at least 15-20 mins, twice a day. Also take things at a slower pace, one task at a time to avoid over-exhaustion.

Pisces/मीन (19th Feb to 20th March)

Considered to be the most passionate and selfless sign, these people do only what they want to do. But when they are assigned to a task they love, there is no stopping them. They would devote themselves completely to their work and might forget to look after their health. When they love someone, there is nothing they desire more than the happiness of their loved ones.

These people always put the needs of others above them and would do anything to make others feel comfortable. But in times like this, when you are at another disposal, you may absorb a lot of negative energy which might weaken your body’s defense system. So, you need to give a little more priority to yourself and take your needs into consideration too. If you are not in good health, nobody would stick around with you.

Cancer/कर्क (21st June to 22nd July)

These people are creative thinkers and are considered the nurturing sign. To take care, and spread love is their inborn tendency. They can never leave a person behind and believe in moving forward together. With so much to think about and a lot of people to take for, they usually take a hit on their health. Also, they suffer from a poor digestive system as they have a fragile stomach.

Our advice to you would be, include a good amount of fruits and steamed vegetables in your diet. Eat a lot of dry fruits to boost your immune system. This would keep your health in check and you can still take care of your loved ones.

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