COVID-19: Could there be a 4th wave in India?

4th COVID-19 Wave

Jupiter is the planet for wealth, society, and balancing mainly. But what planetary combinations and reasons led to the start of Covid-19?

Since May 2019, Jupiter planet was running Atichari by entering into Sagittarius for 2 degrees and had returned back to the Scorpio sign. Since then, jobs, the economy, and share prices have been affected negatively. The overall market was down, and the recession started prevailing. 

Jupiter met Ketu in Sagittarius along with Saturn. And, whenever Saturn and Jupiter are together, poverty, mismanagement, restructure gets into place. It is because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, whereas Saturn is the planet of abridgment. 

After the Solar Eclipse in December 2019, planets went between Rahu and Ketu. 

The Second Wave of Covid-19

From April 2020 to September 2020, the second wave of Covid-19 was there. The second wave also created havoc health-wise since Jupiter was in Atichari direct transit as well as debilitated. 

The Third Wave of Covid-19

The third wave of the pandemic was predicted after the first week of December 2021. It was so because all the planets were again between the planets Rahu and Ketu. There was no disaster, alike the 2nd wave, since Jupiter and Saturn are in different signs, i.e., in Aquarius and Capricorn, respectively.

What planets say about the 4th Covid-19 wave?

Jupiter, being the planet of union, gathering, society, wealth, expansion, entered into its own Nakshatra on March 2. And, it will turn combusted till March 23. This concludes that there shall not be a 4th Covid-19 wave as such. However, from April 15 to May 15, 2022, the time will be heavy for mankind. Especially the first half of May month would look a bit difficult. The reason for it would be that the Sun will cross Rahu in the Aries zodiac sign degree-wise from May 10 to May 15. 

Jupiter will remain in its own sign—Pisces, from April 12, 2022, to April 21, 2023. Moreover, planet Saturn will also stay in its own sign, i.e., Capricorn and Aquarius. So, whatever Karma (good or bad deeds) were executed during this pandemic will give their fruits till August 2023. But, I personally do not see any more waves of Covid-19 from now onwards.

However, the vaccination part comes into play to prevent the 4th Covid-19 wave. Thus, it is advisable to get vaccinated.

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