Cure For Diabetes-Astrological Remedies

cure for diabetes

Diabetes has become so common in today’s world. Moreover, it has become the way of our lives. It wasn’t so common in earlier days. Generally, people were not familiar with diabetes. Certainly, the rich were prone to it, as they used to rich food, doing nothing but sitting like a boss.

Nonetheless, diabetes has become common in both young and old. The cure for diabetes is not full proof however these astrological remedies will help you a lot. It is a genetic disorder but promptly it is more likely to be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, peer pressure, and most importantly stress. According to astrology, Jupiter and venus help to determine whether you have diabetes or not.

Besides finding out signs for diabetes it also helps to cure it through some remedies.

Signs of diabetes according to astrology

As I have already mentioned above that Jupiter and venus helps to find out about the signs of diabetes. That is to say, Jupiter tells about one’s past life, deeds, and lifestyle whereas venus imparts knowledge about the family in which the person has taken birth.

Firstly, if Jupiter of a person is affected by any defective planet or is not placed in the sanely in the horoscope, it leads to issues in the pancreas which leads to insulin imbalances and also obesity, which in turn lead to type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes is not only genetically inherited but also due to unhealthy lifestyle and mental health issues.

Secondly, if venus of the person is defective or impaired it means someone in the family had suffered from it. So the person is sure to be diagnosed with diabetes. The general signs that occur are, the sugar level increases, it also damages the white blood cells which in turn leads to a weak immune system. This causes type I diabetes.

This further leads to the constant dependence of the person on medicine. The damaged blood cells are passed on to the latter and so is the type I diabetes.

So it is extremely important to control both the venus and the Jupiter.

Astrological remedies to cure or control diabetes

  • Yoga/Pranayam is very beneficial to decrease the chances of diabetes. so it is important to do Anulom-Vilom, Suryanamaskar, Ardhamastyendrasana, etc.
  • Meditation, ‘Om’ hymn, Gayatri mantra, and listening to sound vibrations before going to bed and after waking really helps to control diabetes.
  • Offering yellow grams, jaggery, bananas, and sweets in the temple and fasting every Thursday will help you to alleviate Jupiter.
  • Donating everything which is yellow in color to a priest also helps to soothe your Jupiter.
  • Offer food to white cows every Friday. Doing this for a year will help you to defray your latter generation from diabetes.
  • Exercise daily, eat healthy food especially green vegetables(bitter gourd) and fruits(amla).
  • Adding turmeric to water and lemon juice to milk will help you cure this disease.
  • Avoid drinking coffee as much as possible. Try to include ginger and cardamom in your diet.
  • Avoid having chocolate, high calcium, or sugar.
  • Controlling anxiety, stress, anger, etc will help you majorly to redeem yourself from diabetes.

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