Cusps Can Be Interesting-Hidden Facts

It is commonly known that a cusp is an imaginary line between two consecutive zodiac signs. Therefore, those who are born between two sun signs are known as cusps.

For years, people have told them that they do not have a zodiac sign. They have made cusps feel insignificant and ignored. Little do people know what a “cusp” actually is and how different a cusp’s life is from others who have one zodiac sign.

Contrary to what people assume, Cusps are born three days before or after the change of the zodiac sign. For instance, if you’re born on April 19th,20th, and 21st or June 19th, 20th and 21st, then you’re born on a cusp.

Now, you may be shocked if I tell you that cusps have been looked down upon for centuries.

Unlike popular belief, cusps can have very extraordinary life experiences. Here are 10 unknown facts about cusps that have been misunderstood by people for generations together:

Both Over Neither 

Cusps actually inherit the personality traits of two zodiac signs. As opposed to common belief, cusps are influenced by two consecutive signs.

For example, if a person falls on a Cancer-Leo, then he/she may have the sensitive nature of the cancer sign along with the dramatic trait of a Leo. Such a person may inhibit extreme moods or even bipolarity.

A Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp may combine two complementing personality traits such as adventure and passion. This makes cusps more interesting and fuller of energy. I am sure you’re going to find out if you know any cusps. I won’t be surprised if you are one. 

Life Of Cusp Can Be Illuminating

 Most people simply say that the lives of cusps are very difficult and challenging. To a certain degree, it is true. It surely isn’t easy to live with chaos, indecisiveness and mood swings that disrupt your everyday life.

Cusps Life

However, this can also lead to a life full of fun and adventure. Exposure to such internal challenges at a young age gives them time to get comfortable with their identities.

Cusps learn how to use these challenges as assets. This makes them more immune to obstacles, allowing them to change their perspectives, evolve and mature at a faster rate, making their lives more elucidated.

Cusps As the Epitome Of liveliness

 Having qualities of two zodiac signs is not a small deal. To even imagine what it would feel like to live with two opposing personality traits that interfere in your day-to-day life can be tough to take, let alone people who actually live with it.

Cusps Epitome

Before we turn to sympathy, it is important to note that cusps can easily master the ability to live in the moment. It seems exaggerated but it’s not.

Cusps display carefree, positive and spontaneous attitudes. They seem to be extremely creative and flexible to change. As a result, you may find cusps to make impromptu plans parties or trips in a blink of an eye. Kudos to their energy.

Cusps Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Cusps have a fun-loving nature as well as a practical side. Now, it seems a little unrealistic to have both of these qualities in one person. But it is true.

Cusps have an upper hand when it comes to enjoying both the lifestyles. They can easily be the drunk one who pukes at a party as well as the mother who ensures everyone reaches home before sunset.

Cusps Get

 They can splurge unnecessarily as well as invest in SIP. They are true examples of a balanced life. A great example of this can be a Taurus-Gemini.

They exhibit a practical and responsible nature from the Taurus sign. Whilst, manifesting a natural ability to make everything fun and enjoyable inherited from the Gemini sign.

Cusps Being Strong & Independent

Living with uncertainty and unpredictability can be tough, especially when people say that you’re are not significant enough because you don’t belong to one zodiac sign.

Listening to this as you grow up can be hard. You try evolve and develop your own identity but you may find yourself being constantly challenged by internal factors like your personality. 

Cusps Strong

This can lead to a world of internal confusion and conflict. But you find a comfort zone in your conflict. You start seeing it as a coping mechanism and not a limitation.

This gives you the power to overcome obstacles. Yes! This is how cusps come out to be strong and independent people with unique characters.

All in all, these 5 facts about them suggest that cusps are more than the struggle that is bestowed upon them at birth.

Despite carrying the energies of two signs, they manage to create a good place for themselves in this world and continue to live normal lives with confidence.

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