Date Of Birth Revealing Your Personality

Date Of Birth And Astrology

Numbers play a very crucial role in our life. Our personality, our abilities, action-reaction and a lot of events happening in our daily life can be easily analyzed based on our date of birth.

Let’s discuss the personality of natives born on different birth dates and how the numbers affect their life.

Number 1

Ruling Planet: Sun
Date Of Birth: 1, 10, 19, 28

Natives born on dates 1,10,19,28 are somewhere of dominating nature. They feel like a king from inside. Females with the same date of birth wish to work in their own way. They are very reserved in both their personal and professional life.

Their vision is always clear. They know exactly what to do? what not to do? Natives are good in politics and management jobs as they are blessed with leadership qualities.

Number 2

Ruling Planet: Moon
Date Of Birth: 2,11,20,29

Natives born on dates 2,22,20,29 are very emotional. Emotional in the senses, they even start weeping while watching emotional movies and drama. They trust other peoples many times.

These natives not only face hurdles in own life but also create problems in the life of others like family members. They are not good at expressing their feelings and emotions with others.

Number 3

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Date Of Birth: 3,12,21,30

Natives born on dates 3,12,21,30 are very much spiritual. Apart from being spiritual, they are also very good advisors.
The knowledge level is high. They achieve what they plan. Natives are good at making money by investing in the stock market and funds.
They are blessed with great communication skills, which result in their relations with personalities having high authority.

Number 4

Ruling Planet: Rahu
Date Of Birth: 4,13,22,31

Number 4 relates to Rahu. Natives with 4,13,22,31 birth date are very sharp-minded. Lifestyle very far from calmness. They are very adventurous.

Always try to achieve their goals and solve their life problems in a very different way, which is somewhere complex also.

Natives are good in calculations. They implement what they plan and achieve their goals very aggressively.

Number 5

Ruling Planet: 5,14,23
Date Of Birth: Mercury

Anyone with 5,14,23 as birth dates are very joyful in nature. They live their life to the fullest. They love pampering and connecting with people.

Although, they are very active socially. Their friend circle is very supportive of them. Natives never wish to live an employee like life. They wish to be the boss of their own. Also, their performance in business-related activities is great.

Number 6

Ruling Planet: Venus
Date Of Birth: 6,15,24

Natives with 6,15,24 as birth dates are not supposed to be normal. They always wish to be in limelight. Spend a lot of time on their own, like on clothing, fitness, etc. Their life is full of luxuries.

The overall financial condition of the natives is good throughout life. Planet Venus is very supportive in their horoscope which in turn promises strong bonding with life partners.

Number 7

Ruling Planet: Ketu
Date Of Birth: 7,16,25

Natives with 7,16,25 as birth dates perform better in research related works. They might be a good research scholar and astrologer. Bonding with family members is very strong.

They keep their life very personal and secret. Declined towards spirituality. Natives predict every event of their life in advance, which is their most weak point.

They never stop in their whole life, always in search of something interesting and ready to fight life hurdles.

Number 8

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Date Of Birth: 8,17,26

Number 8 is the number of Saturn. Usually, their life is full of hurdles. However, they have enough ability to cross these hurdles very lightly.

Saturn is the planet of Karma, a decision-maker. Natives get results of their hard work. Practically they can do very well in business especially in the manufacturing sector. Most of their mind, soul, and energy not focused in a single direction. It results in wastage of their mental and intellectual ability.

Number 9

Ruling Planet: Mars
Date Of Birth: 9,18,27

Natives born with 9,18 and 27 birth dates are very angry. They are very soft from inside. Their mind is full of stress, which sometimes results in conflicts.

They usually face problems in their professional life. Natives can build their carrier in police and army. Dedicate their life in social works. Also, natives are a good leader and the qualities of a good entrepreneur are also present in them.

As mentioned above, your date of birth reveals a lot more things about you. You can even get to know about astrological remedies and perform them to get rid of all hurdles in your life.

-Blog By Astrologer Misti Rao

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