Don’t Keep These 5 Things In Your Home As Per Vastu


Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural science, provides valuable guidelines for creating a harmonious and balanced living environment. According to Vastu principles, certain items and practices can attract negative energies and disrupt the flow of positive energy (prana) in your home. In this article, we will explore five common things that, as per Vastu, should be avoided in your living space to promote a positive and prosperous atmosphere.

Broken or Useless Items:

Keeping broken or useless items in your home can attract stagnant energy and hinder the flow of positivity. These items represent obstacles and can lead to financial, emotional, or mental stagnation.

Vastu Tip: Regularly declutter your living space and dispose of broken or unnecessary items. This practice encourages the flow of positive energy and promotes a clutter-free environment.

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Cactus or Thorny Plants:

In Vastu, cactus and thorny plants are considered to carry negative energies that can create tensions and conflicts among family members. These plants are believed to emit harmful vibrations, causing disharmony in the home.

Vastu Tip: Opt for vibrant and lush indoor plants, such as money plants, peace lilies, or bamboo plants, which are known to bring positive energy into your home.

Mirrors Facing the Bed:

Placing mirrors in a way that reflects the bed is discouraged in Vastu. It is believed to amplify negative energies during sleep, leading to disturbed rest and emotional disturbances.

Vastu Tip: Avoid placing mirrors directly facing the bed. Instead, position them on the side or in a way that does not reflect the bed.

Electronic Devices Near the Bed:

Having electronic devices such as televisions, laptops, or smartphones near the bed can disrupt your sleep and affect your overall well-being. The electromagnetic fields emitted by these devices can interfere with your body’s natural energy.

Vastu Tip: Keep electronic devices away from the bed to promote restful sleep and create a peaceful environment in the bedroom.


Clutter Under the Bed:

Storing clutter under the bed can obstruct the flow of energy and lead to restlessness and disturbed sleep. It is believed to hinder progress and create a sense of burden.

Vastu Tip: Keep the area under the bed clean and free from clutter. Use this space for light storage or leave it empty to ensure smooth energy flow.

Vastu Shastra provides valuable insights into the energies that surround us and their impact on our well-being. By avoiding the presence of broken items, cactus or thorny plants, mirrors facing the bed, electronic devices near the bed, and clutter under the bed, you can create a harmonious living space that promotes positivity and prosperity. Embracing these Vastu tips will help you create an environment that nurtures your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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