Each zodiac sign as food items

Food for weak planets

Food is not just food, it’s a sentiment.
With all the lavish dishes, intricate spices and finger-licking flavors, Indian Cuisine offers the most delicious cuisines in the whole world. It’s a profusion of flavors- sweet, sour, spicy and tangy, combined with a diverse range of spices, vegetables, seasonings, all mixed at once.

The vibrant Indian cuisines have an intensely colorful world of its own. Every region in India has its distinct method of cooking, its own cuisine indigenous to that locale. Even if the dish isn’t Indian, we make it ours by adding our world-famous Masalas and curry. The types and varieties of dishes available in India are innumerable, all equally delectable.

If your mouth is already watering and lips are curling up in a telltale smile while reading this, we are friends, or rather accompanied in our shared appreciation for Indian food.

I mean, Yes! We are what we eat! Now let’s discuss which food are you based on your zodiac sign.


NO WONDER! The smouldering fire sign, Aries corresponds the most with the food that is served hot and that is red in color. A perfect amalgamation of all the colorful spices with bold seasonings marinated in spicy flavors totally makes out for Aries personality.

Taurus as ROGAN JOSH

A staple Indian cuisine, brought in India by the Mughals portrays to us the extravaganza of a Taurean dignitary. But the funny part is, they are either the fanciest of food or leftovers, no in-between. Even though the name Rogan Josh may sound intense to you, but the cream that is added at the end subdues the temperature of the dish.   

Gemini as VADA PAV

Geminis are known for their adaptable and outgoing nature. Thus, nothing else matches up to the pitch of our Indian Hotdog- a tangy, deep-fried, incredibly crispy potato dumplings stuffed in a soft and flaccid roll daubed with a deliciously red-hot garlic chutney. It’s one of the most underrated mainstream food items we have in India which people seem to eat on a daily basis. But it is still classified as a snack and not the main course. 

That’s the kind of injustice and judgement people have for the geminians. Read more here: How Gemini People Are Misunderstood?

Cancer as MAGGI

The comfort seeker kid is maggi. Irrespective of the hundreds of other replacements available for it, nothing can beat Maggi, which also applies for the Cancerians. How cancerians are known for maintaining intense friendships, Likewise is Maggi giving us company at any hour of the day and feeding the hungry souls DAY AND NIGHT, given that it’s a two-minute cook. Plus, it’s just too yummy…nom nom nom…Slurp


A combination made in heaven! Soft, fluffy and easy-to-stuff, North Indian Chhole Bhature are made to delight us. 

Chhole Bhature’s multiple desi ingredients list of ingredients may seem more dounting than the recipe itself. Much like the general perception of leos. But nothing more appeals to the body, mind and soul than a plate of spicy chhole bhature when cravings hit hard and hunger is at its peak. 


This rich zingy meal, made from Makkhan, Masala and Paneer, packs a punch of flavours. Ever so versatile and almost everybody’s all time favourite Paneer is the PERFECT dish for any occasion. PERFECT is a hint to indicate VIRGOS (in case you didn’t catch it)! Anyway, we all know Virgos have made renown for being the most health conscious of all, same way Paneer for it’s made with milk, it is naturally loaded with calcium.


Cooked with gravy made of tomatoes, cashew nuts and loads of cream(malai). This heavenly  dish melts smoothly in your mouth, in the same way as Librans’ polished and diplomatic dialogues do! 

The rich and subtle flavours of the dish makes it like the guy whom everyone wants to speak.  It’s something than being artistic and intriguing but still something/somebody no one’s scared to approach.


A delicious blend of  a variety of ingredients and flavours, Navratan Pulao is a pot meal made with generous use of vegetables, dry fruits and nuts, enabling you to unfold the mystery of each flavour with every bite. Same way how Scorpions unveil layers of themselves when you get close to them. 

Sagittarius as PANI PURI

A daring, adventurous food just like Sagittarians. Pani-puri, Golgappe, Puchka. Call it whatever you like, but you know you can’t say no to this strong zesty Indian snack, ever! 

This wild child lets you explore and evolve your food palette rather than just sticking to the conventional choices with a mouthful of spicy and tangy temptation.


Fun Fact: Love for chicken biryani seems to be yet another fad in young people. The internet has memes, shayari and Quote pages only dedicated to chicken biryani.

This delicious savory rice dish loaded with spicy marinated chicken has a fan following of its own. But it makes sense since it is like-worthy! And so are Capricornians until you bite into an “Elaichi”. 

Aquarius as DOSA

These thin crispy crepes stuffed with potato masala has its own uniqueness and are unpredictably addictive. Served with sambar and nariyal chutney, the dish is not as simple to prepare as it looks. Masala Dosa is best personified with an Aquarian selfhood justifying all the unpredictability, hard work as well as innovations that can be practiced in the making of it. 

Pisces as THALI

Thali as an avatar of Pisceans comes as no surprise. Remember, a Piscean is everything in a single person. Similarly, you’ll get everything in a thali right from the main course to snacks to dessert. EVERYTHING! With a great deal of royalty!

Regardless of if you’ve loved or not loved the food items that matched with your zodiac, we should all treat ourselves to Indian food and astrological understanding for some fun every once in a while.

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