Earn Money in Quarantine- 5 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income

Are you bored? Unemployed? Lost your job due to the lockdown? Worry not there are tons of options for you to make money from the comfort of your home. Well, we cannot deny the fact that COVID 19 forced us to stay home but it was for the good. Due to this highly contagious virus, we are suffering from a lot. Many people have lost their jobs and are unable to find the right one. The economy is facing a state of a global depression. However, amid all the crises we have some excellent ideas for you to make that side money. You can find out some easy and simple ideas to earn money in quarantine.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is the best most convenient option for the ones looking for a job. It is the need of the hour, as most educational institutes, coaching has now resorted to online classes. Zoom classrooms, google hangouts are feasible ways to bridge the gap between a teacher and student. Now, many institute are looking for online teachers as the internet world has taken over. Various subject matter experts are needed to provide education to students.


Now freelancing work can really be the most flexible option for people of any age. Freelancing jobs like content writing, digital marketing, graphic designing are in great demand in the current scenario. Freelancing is a part-time job that has your interest. It can get you a lot more money than you expect. Students to working officials all have taken up freelancing to save big during the pandemic. All you have to do is to create an account on freelancing portals and keep biding for the right kind of job.

Make Safety Masks

Well, this is one of the highest-earning options in this virus fever season. making masks for a living may sound like a no-no but it can give you profits. The internet is filled with multiple videos of how to make a mask at home. Just get the material and stitch it through it will be worth the effort. Sell it online or in a local medical shop.

Sell Stuff Online

Now if you have anything that you have currently no use of its better to sell them. A book, car, mobile phone, bed anything that is extra can be easily be sold in the online market. Downsize your wardrobe by selling a thing or two on various online platforms like eBay.


Do you have a passion for writing or you always wanted to put your thought into words? Blogging is an excellent way to kick start your writing career as well as to earn money in quarantine. All you have to do is to build your own website and write blogs on topics you like. If you manage to build your website well it will give you quite a lot of income in this period of lockdown.

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