Earthquake in Delhi- Astrological Aspect

Earthquake in Delhi- Astrological Aspect

Science has developed in recent times and tells us many things about the Earthquake. But it still cannot say the specific time in which this might happen to the period for which it will happen. Astrology has helped people know about earthquakes from time to time. Recently people experienced strong waves of the earthquake in Delhi of 4.6 magnitudes for many seconds. It was struck around 9:08 p.m. Again after 52 minutes, at 10 p.m quake of magnitude 2.9 was felt again.

From Australian bush fire too frequently happening earthquakes, no doubt the universe is indicating us about disturbances we have created over the centuries. The climate has never been so unstable.

Earthquake in Delhi and Astrology

Looking from the Astrology perspective, many facts and hints can be derived from the subject about Earthquakes, some of them are listed below.

  • As per many famous astrologists, earthquake usually comes around Full moon, New moon or an Eclipse.
  • Tamas-Keelak or Sunspots are an indication of a near earthquake.
  • According to the planets affecting the tectonic plates and their clash can tell about the intensity of the earthquake.
  • An earthquake can occur when Mars or Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction with each other.
  • When Mercury is retrograde than the Sun there are chances of an earthquake happening.
  • Gravitational forced of the planet increases after midnight or after midday, that is the time with a high probability of an earthquake happening.
  • When dominant planets acquire earthy or airy signs, the probability of earthquake happening rises.
  • At least one planet is retrograde at the time of the earthquake.
    When Earth ruled zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are in conjunction with two or more planets along with Rahu and Kety, an earthquake will hit.
  • The days with a higher possibility of earthquakes happening are the 13th day of Krishna paksha to the 3rd day of Shukla Paksha and from the 13th day of Shukla Paksha to the 3rd day of Krishna Paksha. During these days gravitational forces increase hence increasing the possibility also.
  • Saturn, Mars Jupiter, and Rahu, Ketu in square position are also an indication of an earthquake.
  • Happening of Solar and Lunar eclipse can also indicate an earthquake. It is said by the experts that when a solar and lunar eclipse occurs with a period of 15 days, it will be followed by an earthquake hit within 6 months.
  • Many Earthquakes have happened in the past when planets like Uranus, Saturn, Mars, or Jupiter acquire Taurus or Scorpio.
  • It is claimed that earthquake is always followed by a bad omen occurring at that time in the region.


Above are position noticed by astrologers during earthquake or right before happening of an earthquake. A study has shown that 90% of Earthquake occurs when Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Mars are situated on one side. Severe earthquakes in the past have been observed when Moon was situated on the opposite side of Sun in Dark Half of the month.

When Dwarka, the city of Lord Krishna was submerged in the ancient days, Lord Krishna was able to know about the disaster before it being taken place. This happened before the high credibility of astrology during that time. Lord Krishna made people evacuate the area and every person was shifted to a much safer place. No life was lost and astrological calculation helped the people to get ready to deal with the problem priory.

As per the sacred text of Bhagvat Puran, people could see the view of Dwarka summering from a higher altitude. This proves that astrology has always been able to forecast earthquakes and other disasters like this. The planetary positions noticed and analyzed by astrology have been noticed in many disastrous events in the past. Like Earthquake in Indonesia on 27.05.2006 at 5:54a.m where 5000 people died. The planetary position was the same as the hints given above.

These are major comments on the earthquake in Delhi.

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