Easy Diwali Remedies To Attract Happiness and Prosperity

Easy Diwali Remedies To Attract Happiness and Prosperity

The festival of Diwali is a time when the light comes out of the darkness and shines on lives. This Amavasya of Kartik month is very important, which is also known as Deepawali. On this night, there is a powerful energy in the entire surrounding which affects all of us. This day is important in every way.

The celebration of light in this dark Amavasya is one of signs of its importance. This time is very important for religious works related to different types of tantra and mantra. At this time, the confluence of nature and the power present in it is seen amazingly.

There are many types of remedies and tricks to be taken at the time of Deepawali. Many types of tantric deeds are also performed on this day. This night is also used to awaken the spiritual power. Let us know what some simple diwali remedies we can do that can change the direction and condition of life.

Diwali Remedies To Get Rid Of Debt

The use of the root of the plant of apamarga is considered to be extremely miraculous for debt relief on the night of Diwali. On this day, keep the root or leaves of Apamarg on the vault or where you keep your money, then it will be helpful in removing your debt.

To get rid of debt, on Diwali, you may take Kush root, Bilva leaf, its fruit, seed, and vermilion and grind all these things at Amrit Chaughdiya time and make a powder. Now wet this mixture with Ganga Jal. Then mix it with the pomegranate pen on the bhoj patra –

“Oom aan hri kron shri shriyayi nam: mamalakshmi nashya nashya mamrnottirinam kuru kuru sampad vardhaya vardhaya swaha” Write this mantra and install it at the place of worship.

For Happiness and Prosperity

To get rid of the troubles and discord in life, take a coiled coconut on the day of Deepawali, tie vermilion on it, tie the red thread and show this coconut incense lamp, now at 12 o’clock in the night, put coconut on top of you. Throw it at the crossroads thrice, this will remove the discord in your life and you will get happiness.

Diwali Remedies for Marital happiness for prosperity

Offer Goddess Lakshmi with Kheer and Malpua made of Makhane on Deepawali in the morning. Divide this offering among the poor and take it along with the family, it bring happiness in the married life.

Take mehndi and offer it to a eunuch and take blessings from them. This will remove the sufferings from your married life.

On Deepawali, take a garland of lotus flowers, offer it to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi together. Offer the same garland to both and pray for the happiness of your married life.

Diwali Remedies For Health Benefits

On Diwali, take seven types of grains and donate them to any religious place, this will remove negativity and bring auspiciousness in life.

To get rid of disease on this day, take seven Kodis on this day and blow it over the patient and flow it into the flowing water. Do this work in the evening time only.

Diwali Remedies for all the works

This day is also considered very helpful in taking your spiritual journey forward. The work of mantra siddhi performed on this day and any special meditation can also be successful. For this reason, this day is used for the accomplishment and success of mantra and tantra.

This day becomes very special when Diwali falls on Saturday. On this day, an extremely simple but miraculous solution is to offer raw milk to the peepal tree in the morning and revolve around it seven times. And in the evening, burn a square lamp of mustard or sesame oil under the peepal tree. Doing these remedies on this Diwali can be very helpful in removing all your troubles.

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