Effective Yoga Poses to reduce hair loss

Effective Yoga Poses to reduce hair loss

Hair loss is the major health problem almost every individual is facing today. And, the saddest truth is that no medicines are actually helpful in most of the cases. In such a case, only natural remedies work. And, along with it, yoga as it is said is beneficial for good health. You may be surprised to know but some yoga asanas can really help in preventing hair loss. Have a look at this article and start practicing these poses from today only.


WAY TO DO IT: You have to kneel down on the flower, interlock your fingers and then bend your head downwards towards the floor. The next moment, support the crown of your head with your interlocked hands and raise up your legs perpendicularly until you stand upside down in perpendicular to the floor. However, remember to keep your arms and legs straight. Once your body balances with this post, hold it for a few seconds. Make your toes feel relax and exhale and inhale in this position.

ADVANTAGES: This pose improves blood circulation hence it is helpful in reducing the hair fall, balding, thinning of hair. Also, headstand is highly beneficial in preventing premature greying of hairs and helps in regrowth of new hair. This pose causes the hair follicles of the head to reach their maximum intensity and thus boosts up hair growth.

Adho Mukha Savasana(Downward facing dog pose)

WAY TO DO IT: Take a yoga mat and initially begin with all fours. Start by standing on a yoga mat with all fours. Now, slowly rise on your feet and push your legs back to form an inverted V-shaped body. Also, you need to keep your arms and legs straight and your abdominal pushed inwards. Now, kneel down your head and place your eyes on the navel. Now, breathe in and out and take five deep breaths while staying in that position.

ADVANTAGES: This yoga asana is a part of the sun salutation and is the beneficial yoga pose for back, head, and sinus. Moreover, it can also in dealing with insomnia, depression, or stress. In this pose, your head remains down for a couple of minutes thus flowing blood into the head. This regenerates the scalp and hair follicles.

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

WAY TO DO IT: Kneel down and sit on your heels. Keep your back straight and neck and heels close together. Next, you need to keep your hands in a relaxing position on your thighs with palms down and keep head and vision straight. Be in that pose for thirty seconds and relax and stretch once you are done.

ADVANTAGES: It is an easy yoga pose that even a newbie can do without any difficulty. Also, this pose helps one get rid of anxiety and stress which is the major reason for greying hair. This yoga asana increases blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair. Moreover, performing this asana regularly makes the hair healthy and thick and strong over time.

Uttasana(Forward Bending Camel pose)

WAY TO DO IT: You need to stand straight with your legs close to each other. Then, lift your arms and take a deep breath. Without exhaling, bend forward keeping your arms straight. Next, touch the mat beside your heels with your palms and hold this pose for a few seconds. Besides, also pull your abdominal muscles in. While exhaling, rise up and repeat it a few times.

ADVANTAGES: The yoga asanas for hair growth are incomplete without this forward bending camel pose. This yoga pose is easy to do and quite effective as well.  It relaxes muscles and regulates the blood and oxygen flow to the head and scalp. This enables the hair follicles to grow strong and long. Also, it improves the texture and one’s hair quality.

These four yoga asanas are very effective in preventing hair loss and for healthy hair. However, apart from them other asanas like Sarvangasana, Ustrasana, and Sasangasana also work miraculously for healthy hair.

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