Effects of Jupiter in different houses

Effects of Jupiter in different houses

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter also known as “Guru” and “Brihaspati” is the fifth planet to the Sun and the largest in the Solar system. According to the Vedic astrology, this gigantic planet has a major role to play in the lives of human beings. It is mainly concerned with spirituality and education. Along with that, it contributes a lot in making a person rich, wise, commanding and generous.

Jupiter represents Brahmans. Brahman as in the person who is a learner and seeks knowledge (we’re not talking about the caste or class of Hindu society here). Jupiter is naturally a teacher and shares a number of qualities of the same.

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Read further to find out how the mighty Jupiter- The planet of wealth, fortune, finances and wisdom affects your life.

Jupiter in 1st House-

  • The first house or Ascendant is mainly concerned with the native’s outer appearance, health and how in general they appear to the world. It’s the most important part of one’s birth chart as it defines in which houses the rest of the signs and planets will be located.
  • Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Its placement in this house increases native’s inclination towards travelling, reading, and basically exploring.
  • Education is a big part of their lives. They inspire people with their ability to stand out in the crowd because of their knowledge and wisdom. Hence, this effect of Jupiter should definitely be used to the fullest to become an independent and self-reliant person.
  • Since Jupiter is the planet of higher learnings, religions and spirituality, the native might take a keen interest in these subjects.
  • It gives the native a body that’s more on a chubby side, a beautiful complexion with long or oval face, large eyes and high forehead also a tendency of baldness in middle age.

Jupiter in 2nd House-

  • The second house concerns the possessions and wealth of the native. The native was probably born in a rather wealthy family and from a young age accustomed to a life without financial troubles.
  • Although any fluctuations are natural in everyone’s life, this position assures the native lifetime financial security.
  • Jupiter in the second house signifies that the native is a highly influential person in society. They enjoy wide social circles which grants them authoritative and leadership qualities.
  • Since the 2nd house also rules over the throat area of the body, the native with Jupiter in this house is blessed with a beautiful sweet voice and has prominent chances of becoming a singer.
  • Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so if it is badly aspected it may turn the native into a spendthrift. But this planet is so lucky that the native is still likely to regain the financial condition despite that.

Jupiter in 3rd House-

  • The 3rd house mostly associates with communication and self-expression. It also signifies short trips, and if the native tends to remain to move a lot or remain at one place. This house also represents siblings, relatives and neighbours.
  • This position indicates that the native has a keen interest in gaining all sorts of knowledge and visiting different places.
  • Native’s life is full of short trips and happy events. They love to explore and are happy when they evolve intellectually. They are likely to maintain a good relationship with their relatives and neighbours.
  • Strong Jupiter in the third house indicates a good command of the native over communication and they are most likely to involve themselves in professions like writing, publishing, media, journalism, broadcasting, railways, tourism and so on.
  • This position also enhances native’s mental capabilities which provide them with a strong intuitive skill. Jupiter expands one’s mental strength so they tend to grasp information quickly.

Jupiter in 4th House-

  • The 4th house is the house of mother, motherly love, nourishment, happiness, basic education and domestic peace. It represents family, home and childhood. It also describes the inherited properties like land or vehicle etc from mother or father.
  • Placement of Jupiter in the fourth house, the native gets good results in matters related to family relation, in their desire of learning and childhood. Native’s parents instil good ethics and values in the native.
  • This placement suggests that the native is most likely to flourish at their domestic or native places and they should not move away from their native place.
  • Native with this placement in their natal chart likes to collect immovable properties. Apart from that, this placement also gives huge benefits in terms of starting a family. Parenting, to be specific, is fairly beneficial for the native.

Jupiter in 5th House-

  • 5th house has connection with what the native’s understanding of good time is, how they like to express them creatively, and what their idea of free time is. It is mainly concerned with progeny, creativity and love affairs. In addition to that, it can also indicate the wealth of the native’s father.
  • Jupiter itself is the planet of expansion and luck brings about good fortune into the life of the native. They are likely to achieve heights in the careers they choose.
  • This placement provides the native with great creative knowledge, a proclivity for philosophy and religions. Native likes to express himself through creativity, entertainment, arts, education or gets involved with activities to do with children.
  • The native’s children will bring happiness to him. These people love their kids and kids, in general. His children are likely to take fair interest in spirituality, religions and philosophy.
  • It also indicates many love affairs, and that the native enjoys getting involved with people who give them a great time. Hence, intimate relationships are usually based on the amount of fun that could be exchanged.

Jupiter in 6th House-

  • This house relates to debts, obstacles, difficulties, enemies and the native’s ability to overcome. It also shows the kind of service that Native is going to provide to society. Moreover, it represents the people who work under the native. For example, native’s rantee or tenant.
  • Lord of 6th house is Mercury and Jupiter is not considered to have a friendly bond with Mercury. Hence, this is not regarded as a favourable placement for the native. However, the planet of luck definitely brings great chances of earning good money from the work.
  • Since Jupiter is a benefic planet, it provides the native with great vitality and they generally get lucky in health-related matters.
  • In case, Jupiter is afflicted, Native doesn’t get along with his coworkers, in whatsoever work they do. It may prove to an unpleasant placement in such matters.
  • The native will usually render his free time to serve for humanity. They are also involved in healing activities, be it in the medical field or spiritual field of healing.

Jupiter in 7th House-

  • 7th house is the house of all sort of partnerships and legal bondage. It includes both business partnerships and marriages. This house represents what kind of a partner the native is looking for and if they are likely to be successful in business or partnerships or not.
  • With Jupiter in this house, the native gets lucky in partnership-related matters and are blessed with a well educated, loyal and sensible person. Usually, the spouse is from a wealthy and noble family.
  • This placement provides good wealth accumulating opportunities through matrimony or partnership. The native has a strong need for a partner who they could share their religious, philosophical views in order to empower them and increase their growth opportunities.
  • If Jupiter is afflicted, the partner could face issues regarding obesity and most likely to be lethargic and arrogant.
  • Jupiter in the seventh house of horoscope makes the native intellect and successful. They tend to be an eloquent speaker and gets benefits in foreign lands.

Jupiter in 8th House-

  • The eighth house is mostly concerned with hidden matters like taxes and insurance, sudden events, longevity and death. Its also known as the house of joint resources. It’s about the deals regarding the inherited money and property.
  • Planet Jupiter being the house of fortunes shows good luck in above-stated subjects. In most of the cases of afflicted Jupiter, the native has extreme sexual temptation which might end up in extra sexual affairs. If Jupiter is badly aspected, it might even turn into an obsession if one’s not careful.
  • The native takes great interest in professions that involve finance related matters like tax accounting, insurance or occupations to do with death, like providing funeral services etc.
  • Native is most likely to get benefits from joint resources and other matters ruled by this house, like other people’s money and inheritances.
  • This placement gives the native high intuition and psychic abilities. It blesses them with a great understanding of the occult and mystical subjects.

Jupiter in 9th House-

  • The house of travels, spirituality and higher learnings. It’s related to long-distance travel like a pilgrimage or foreign trips and the philosophical and geographical knowledge obtained during it.
  • Presence of Jupiter in the ninth house depicts that the native would base their entire life on their religious and philosophical learnings. They love to travel and stand great chances of foreign trips or abroad settlement.
  • They have a thing for learning even if Jupiter is afflicted, they want to explore more and more. However, they may not have many opportunities to do it.
  • They learn by focusing on main areas rather than getting into the deets. They prefer studying on their own on the things that interest them, things like spirituality, travel and philosophy.
  • Native remains a student and a learner all their life. They are likely to taste success quite early in life and continues throughout life.

Jupiter in 10th House-

  • This house is concerned with the career, profession, reputation, political concerns, life ambitions and the overall public image of the native.
  • Jupiter’s presence shows that the native will achieve his desired success and wealth, and also fame in his career, in most of the cases, later in their life as a lot of obstacles and delays would come in the way.
  • The native likes to involve himself in professions related to education, spirituality or travels. These people like to be known and recognised for what they do and feel their best when people know them.
  • This position also represents that the father would be a positive influential figure in the native’s life and contributes a lot to what this person is today.
  • Native loves to expand his cognition and be the most knowledgeable person in the sphere, in order to do that they study and research a lot.

Jupiter in 11th House-

  • The 11th house is a strong indicator of incomes and gains, of prosperity and sudden profits. It represents the native’s social sphere. This house also rules over one’s interests, hopes and wishes.
  • Placement of Jupiter in the 11th house proves to be beneficial in the matters of friendship. These people get bright and loyal friends who help the native expand their mind spiritually and intellectually.
  • Native achieve good results in group activities and they form quick connections with people who are of higher understanding, sensible and possibly of foreign descent.
  • Native with this placement enjoys remarkable achievements in life mostly because of the fiscal and psychological assistance from their allies who tend to enjoy influential positions in society.
  • They are likely to spend most of their time with their friends and in social activities in order to neglect their work and studies in case of debilitated Jupiter.

Jupiter in 12th House-

  • The 12th house deals with mysterious things, things hidden behind the curtain, solitude, subconscious mind, isolated places, one’s fears and insecurities.
  • Presence of Jupiter in this house represents that the native might take great interest in spirituality, occult and mysticism. They might be practising such spiritual ways like meditation or prayer in order to attain relief.
  • The native might be working in some places of isolation such as hospitals, jails, rehabs etc. They love to help people in defending their troubles.
  • In case of afflicted Jupiter, the native might be too delusional and tend to create their own fantasy world in order to save themselves from the harsh reality.
  • Natives are likely to detach themselves from the materialistic aspects of life and they are more inclined towards spirituality and religious beliefs.

This analysis here offers just a little portion of the whole picture, to know more you also need to see the positions of other planets in your horoscope.

Each planet has a distinct impact on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. So as to seek out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free Kundli Maker.

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