Effects of Mercury in different houses


Mercury, in Vedic astrology, is also known as Buddha meaning analytical intelligence. It represents a quick wit, intellect and humour of the native. Mercury represents wisdom, education, books, learning and capacity to grasp. Mercury is also your younger sibling. Being the significator of the second house, mercury is the planet of communication. People who are born with strong mercury usually have sharp thinking and analytical skills.

Planet Mercury symbolises the areas related to commerce, trade, banking, networking, accounts and so on. Strong mercury signifies success in these areas. Several successful writers, news reporters, media person, chartered accountants, artists and lawyers have good mercury in their Birth Chart.

Mercury is a benefic planet but it’s difficult to foretell Mercury’s influence as it is changeable in nature and rarely casts an intense influence itself. It influences a horoscope together with the power of other planets. It is malefic with malefic planets and beneficial with benefic planets. It’s closest to the Sun and is friends with the powerful planet. It shares a friendly bond with Venus and is neutral towards Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Moon is an enemy of Mercury as per Vedic Astrology.

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Mercury in 1st House-

  • Mercury is a Planet that rules over intelligence and your ability to memorize things and first house represents the native from the outside, their outer behaviour, persona, and outer appearance.
  • When mercury comes into the first house that means it’s impacting your entire life because the ascendant becomes that triggering point of your life. So your entire life becomes about communication.
  • Mercury in the first house makes the person highly intelligent. It makes them want to know more.
  • Expressing themselves is a big part of their lives. They have a natural curiosity of knowing things in deep, in detail. These people love uncovering mysteries, solving puzzles and riddles of life.
  • This placement gives the native a straight petite body with small eyes and an expressive face. Native may have a long nose and a beautiful high forehead.
  • As Planet Mercury influences your head, these people can become philosophic intellectual artists.
  • Native is usually way ahead of others in thinking because they are quick and consistent learners. However, this ability might be used for the wrong reasons if Mercury is afflicted.

Mercury in 2nd House-

  • Second House concerns the wealth of the native, meaning if he is going to be rich or not. It represents the native’s personal possessions and financial position.
  • Mercury here influences native’s approach to money. They are naturally blessed with the talent to think of different ways to make money.
  • If mercury is badly aspected they might use their intelligence in acquiring wealth through illegal ways like stealing, smuggling etc. and even if it’s badly aspected, with much hard work, the native’s still able to make good money.
  • Having a way with words, these people have the ability to achieve financial success through their communication skills. Money is always in their mind as their thoughts are usually wondering towards the financial aspects of life.
  • These are the people who suffer the least from unemployment. Their bright mind always finds a way to earn adequate wealth and create a safety net. They are great with numbers. So, professions like a mathematician, financial advisors or money management are quite apt for them.

Mercury in 3rd House-

  • The third house in Vedic astrology is concerned with siblings, neighbours, relatives, communication and so on. It also signifies short trips, possibly for education or business purposes.
  • This is the placement where mercury feels at home. It grants the native with a lofty degree of intelligence and an excellent way of communication through speech and writing.
  • These natives are mentally quite alert and clever, with plenty of reasoning and sharp intellect of logic, such a placement creates exceptional public speakers and writers.
  • However, if Planet Mercury is afflicted, they might use their speech and influencing skills in spreading wrong ideas and false information. They can easily convince people and win over them irrespective of the mercury being afflicted or not.
  • The natives feel their best when they’re moving even if its a short distance like going on road-trips and visiting parks and cafeterias, despite sitting at home.
  • Professions that suits the best for these natives are writing, telecommunications, transportation, web design, publishing, speaking, journalism and travel etc.

Mercury in 4th House-

  • 4th house is the house of mother, motherhood, love and emotions and is ruled by Moon. Emotions are something that doesn’t go along with logical and analytical thinking and this is the reason why Mercury doesn’t feel comfortable in the 4th house.
  • This house represents not only the native’s childhood and relationships with parents but also how they are likely to treat their family too. It relates to domestic comforts.
  • There is a possibility that the native would work from home. They are likely to research their roots, customs of their country, details of their ancestors, either for professional purpose or just out of curiosity.
  • Native’s parents are very intelligent and lots of ideas are usually discussed at home which is why the native’s interest grows in discussions, solving riddles and reading in general.
  • Serious bust-ups might take place at home during debates and arguments in case the Mercury is afflicted.

Mercury in 5th House-

  • 5th house is mostly associated with progeny, love affairs, pleasure, amusements, artistic talents, higher education and speculation etc. It shows what the native’s understanding of having a good time is, how they like to have fun and how much they are able to enjoy their life.
  • Presence of Planet Mercury in the 5th house influences the natives to communicate in an artistic manner. They are blessed with the natural endowment to express themselves in a way that affects people emotionally.
  • Native is likely to have a very intellectual first child with a strong Virgo or Gemini in their birth chart.
  • They excel at careers like advertising or politics and since the native is utterly proficient in communication, it matters for them to have a good bond with their children. They also make excellent teachers.
  • A combination of benefic exalted Mercury and Sun blesses the native with good results in education and the native may further get selected for some of the most prestigious types of jobs, by acing in competitive exams.

Mercury in 6th House-

  • The sixth house relates to debts, obstacles, difficulties, enemies and the native’s ability to overcome and sweep over the opponent.
  • When mercury comes into this house, the intelligence of a person all throughout their life goes into resolving conflicts, whether it’s their personal life or lives of other people.
  • Placement of Mercury in this house can also give the mind uneasiness and impatience. The native is at risk of getting health issues like stress and anxiety. A constant effort should be made to keep up the peace of mind.
  • This natal placement will bring the native’s inclination towards social services, the social well being of other people, of lower-class people, people who are unprivileged, people in poverty, people in abused relations. native’s logical intelligence goes into resolving these things in an analytical manner.
  • And accordingly, they may occupy themselves in such profession, depending on their overall horoscopes. Professions like Lawyer, doctor, police officer, administrative officer, politicians, social workers etc.

Mercury in 7th House-

  • This house is the house of all sort of partnerships, including business partnerships and marriage. It describes what kind of a wife/husband the native wants. This house also shows if you are likely to be successful in business or any other sort of partnerships.
  • Placement of mercury in this house represents that the native will spend a lot of his time thinking about his other half and the idea of marriage.
  • It blesses the native with an intellectually superior and sharp-minded partner. The native anyway falls for people who are perceptive, humorous and knowledgeable.
  • Afflicted mercury might cause problems and misunderstandings in marriage or business partnerships. In that case, native should avoid anything to do with the legal matters.
  • The spouse of the native might be a writer, poet, journalist or in any other profession or career mentioned under Mercury’s attributes. These people strongly long for the need to communicate their feelings towards their partner and that’s what they expect in return.

Mercury in 8th House-

  • Eighth house in Vedic astrology rules over sudden events, longevity and death. This house is also the house of joint sources or inherited money and property from the in-laws. Besides, it indicates if the native is driven by fear or other emotion.
  • This placement blesses the native with good results related to health, profession, marriage, finances and spiritual growth.
  • The native may choose to dig deeper into the field of astrology as the naturally have the ability to understand the things behind the curtain easily.
  • While the native love uncovering secrets of other people, they keep their own very well hidden.
  • Natives are brilliant with influential speech even though they might not be fully educated about the subject. So they can easily make themselves seen as an authority figure. They have a fascination to use this great natural ability for the manipulation of the public.
  • The native might be ambitious to work in areas like taxes, managing other people’s resources, insurances and so on.

Mercury in 9th House-

  • 9th house in Vedic astrology is concerned with group thoughts and self-expression. It’s about long journeys, higher learnings, religious & spiritual inclination, good karma, ethics and values.
  • It represents the journeys towards the unknown to find what is beyond and in a higher place than all of us.
  • Native’s mind is quick and easily understands abstract concepts. They enjoy having intellectual conversations with people about education, travel and social trends.
  • Placement of Planet Mercury shows one’s great inclination towards spiritual learnings. The person can actually become a spiritual speaker due to the effect of mercury in this house.
  • There is a significant chance that the native may have to travel and settle abroad for his higher studies or business purposes.
  • The natives have a strong inclination towards matters like religion, spirituality, travelling, higher studies, philosophies, litigation, foreign affairs and so on. So, professions like a lecturer, spiritual leader, foreign diplomat or dignitary.

Mercury in 10th House-

  • 10th house is concerned with career, social reputation, political concerns, ambitions and the public image of the native. It deals with what kind of service the native provides to the public.
  • Natives with this placement usually choose a career related to speaking and writing. In fact, they might have more than one career at the same time as it’s easy for them to get along with different kind of people because of their superior communication skills.
  • It is likely that the native is versatile and they know exactly when and how to manipulate their speech in order to influence a different kind of people.
  • This position is fairly favourable for the people belonging to the fields of politics, writing, media, publishing and so on.
  • The native gets to travel a lot mostly because of the profession they are in. they use their knowledge wisely to stay ahead in anything they do, be it their career or anything else in general.

Mercury in 11th House-

  • The 11th house is a strong indicator of incomes and gains, of prosperity and sudden profits. It represents the native’s social sphere. This house also rules over native’s interests, hopes and wishes.
  • With Planet mercury in 11th house, the native likes to take qualities of their friends and social circle. They love to exchange ideas with people and are always open to learning. Moreover, they are always ready for interesting discussions. Something that would challenge their mind.
  • These people excel in careers related to information technology, especially in case of exalted Mercury, a career in the scientific field would be the best for them.
  • With the effect of afflicted Mercury, native’s ideas might be impractical but they may use their intelligence in order to influence people for their selfish reasons.
  • They might accidentally attain great wealth through some communication activity, like writing or speaking.
  • If the mercury is retrograde, the native feels a sense of detachment from the worldly desires and seeks solitude which eventually might take their inclination towards spirituality.

Mercury in 12th House-

  • Being the last house, 12th house represents endings. It’s the house of secrets, mysterious places, fears, hidden enemies, subconscious mind. Moreover, this house also includes seclusion, detachments, withdrawal and isolation. Detachments, mostly from the materialistic aspects of life.
  • This is a great placement for the native to explore his subconscious, but it’s important to not lose the balance. It gives the native ability to establish subconscious connections with other mysterious realms of life.
  • The native is highly imaginative and representative. They understand the power of speech and use their words and excellent communicative skills quite carefully.
  • Afflicted mercury may give the native mental instability as a result of which they even might get hospitalised or jailed for committing some criminal offence out of such mental state.
  • They are likely to master higher learnings in the subjects regarding astrology, occult, religion and spirituality.

This analysis here offers just a little portion of the whole picture, to know more you also need to see the positions of other planets in your horoscope. 
Each planet has a distinct impact on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. So as to seek out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free Kundli Maker.

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