Impact of ‘Ketu’

Impact of ‘Ketu’

What is Ketu?

When the moon moves from North to South and crosses the sun’s path, the incision point is called Ketu.  As per Vedic Astrology, Ketu – the South Node is positioned diagonally to Rahu – the North Node.

It is known for its mysterious and malefic qualities but not many people are aware that it also possess hidden qualities. The reason why it’s considered mysterious is that it’s quite unpredictable and its movements quite unnoticeable. There are possibilities of complete uncertainty about its activities, thoughts, behaviour or even its existence. Ketu represents the Karmic collection of both good and bad, and accordingly either act as a benefit or malefic.

Ketu Dev: Tail of Demon Snake

Its effects!

Ketu acts differently with different zodiac signs and influences different elementary forces. Let’s observe what Ketu does with every zodiac sign:

1) Aries
The Ketu favours this zodiac sign and benefits the natives with passion and energy. The natives of the first house may be unhappy, unconfident, and unsocial, but will be wise and intelligent. Due to the friendly connection of Ketu with Venus, it’s beneficial for the father, but the spouse of native can face problems like negative effect on health.

2) Taurus
Ketu favours elements such as Earth and Venus but demands hard work for success. Ketu guarantees success but expects a delay. Even if the native earns a good income, his/her expenditure will compensate it all. The native will experience qualities like reading minds but still remain restless and unsettled. We would not suggest natives waste money on tour and travels. It won’t be beneficial.

3) Gemini
Ketu favours the third house by providing natives with the benefit in the employment fields of entertainment and media. It will make native famous and wealthy in life. The dual nature of Gemini inspires Ketu to attain knowledge from multiple subjects. Though, Ketu can bother native by creating legal complications.

4) Cancer
Element, the moon, which rules the fourth house of Cancer is the enemy of Ketu. Due to the element Moon, native can face difficulties in life and lack of good results. The person may experience depression, tension and heart problems. The reason for happiness and peace may turn out to be the cause of worry sooner or later.

5) Leo
Ketu is considered unfavourable in love matters and in education. Presence of Ketu can also result in health problems. Diseases related to heart, blood pressure and asthma can be a cause of worry. A native of Ketu in Leo can also face delay or miscarriage in pregnancy. It’s advised for Leos to take good care of their health.

6) Virgo
The mural of Ketu. Ketu in Virgo confers good and favourable results. The native will have a smooth and happy life. There will be sufficient income and the presentable name is society due to the native’s hard work. If the native is focused and concentrates, Ketu can help in achieving success. Chances are that they get settled abroad comfortably. Though they can face health problems like UTI or weak eyesight.

7) Libra
Ketu in Libra is not considered auspicious and results in unfavourable condition. Presence of Ketu in the seventh house raises the chances of clashes in married life and partnership. The native may get interested in an extramarital affair and can cause tension and stress at some point in time.

8) Scorpio
Libra with Ketu can result in health problems like intestine malfunctioning, hernia or some genital ailments.
Ketu results in problems in the eighth house of the chart. Astrologers claim that the eighth house brings happiness from the wife. But the presence of Ketu can cause health issues like reproductive organs can get adversely affected. The native will be prone to accidents, injuries and might face tension in financial matters.

9) Sagittarius
The ninth house is benefited by the presence of Ketu. The native will be financially sound and stable. They will live a happy and smooth life without any worries about health problems. They will make their way to success if they work hard. The person will get ample opportunities to visit religious places and engaged himself in religious activities.

10) Capricorn
The position of Saturn influences the behaviour of Ketu in the tenth house. If Saturn’s positioning is strong in the natal chart, Ketu will work in a positive and beneficial manner. The native will be lucky and opportunistic,` but he/she might lose his/her father at an early age.

11) Aquarius
Ketu in Aquarius is considered lucky in terms of earning. They will find many sources of income. The person will find himself lucky in many situations and will be able to handle challenging situations. They may get trapped in conspiracies but Ketu will help settle the issue.
Although, if the placement is malefic, the native will have to live a tough and hard life. They might struggle in their career and professional life.

12) Pisces
A 12th house is a place where both our demons and angels resides. It represents past life accounts and the number of births still to take. It carries the deep wounds and the baggage of the heaviest karma from the past life. Those with Ketu in the 12th house will be more prominent in keeping secrets and repressed sexuality. Also, Ketu is sensitive to dark and destructive society.

Ketu is a planet of mix breeds; it can deliver both auspicious or inauspicious transit. It is believed that Planet Ketu extends its influence on the soles of the feet, indicating possibilities of diseases related to skin, daydreaming, joints pain and imprisonment or death etc. But when it comes to delivering auspicious transit, its results are far more auspicious than other benevolent planets combined. The reason, why some scholars prefer to place Ketu under the category of auspicious planets.

Following tricks can be used to nullify or reduce the bad effects from Ketu

⦁ Mantra:
Reciting mantra ‘Mantra Jaap’ is considered the most effective method.

ऊॅंकेतुं कृण्वन्नकेतवेपेशो मर्याअपेशसे सुमुषदिभ्रजायथाः।
पलाशपुष्प सकांशंतारका ग्रहमस्तकम।
रौद्रंरौद्रात्मकं घोरंतं केतुप्रणमाम्यहम।।
बीजमंत्र – ऊॅंस्त्रां स्त्रींस्त्रौं सःकेतवे नमः
ऊॅंकें केतवेनमः

Wearing Catseye Gemstone helps to reduce bad effects of Ketu

To pacify the adverse effect, get this Yantra engraved in copper, place it in the temple and start worshipping it.

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