Evil Eye/Nazar Lagna- History and Problems Caused Due To It

Evil Eye Nazar Lagna

We see that some people around us experience a pattern where good luck in a particular area of life is accompanied by bad luck in another. For example when someone performs very well in their examinations but suddenly meets with a fatal accident. Many people attribute this misfortune to the superstition of the evil eye or Nazar Lagna.

The belief of the evil eye is ubiquitous. An envious glare that casts a curse is called the ‘Evil eye’. It is cast without a person being aware. Most of the cultures believe that the evil eye can cause misfortune or injury. In India, the evil eye is called as ‘Nazar Lagna’. The evil eye is a type of magical curse, and it is believed to cause harm, illness, and even death. Jealousy or envy can cause the phenomena of the evil eye.

These days people all over the world know about the happenings in their friends, and acquaintances live due to the internet and social media. When we upload pictures of a trip on social media, our friends see that we have money, time, and company to enjoy exotic vacations. Only a few friends are genuinely happy for us. But, most of the people seeing this post feel jealousy or envy. This envy can cause us harm. This is known as the evil eye.

History Of The Evil Eye

The belief of the evil eye dates back to ancient Greek classical antiquity. The classical antiquity stated that the eyes are one of the greatest sources of deadly rays. The energy springs up like poisoned darts from a person possessing the evil eye.

A human’s eyes are said to have special powers, and so they are the gateways to one’s soul. Eye contact contains a ton of power. The eyes can convey a wide range of emotions including love, anger, and hate without uttering a word.  So, it helps in creating an instant connection between people. Jealousy is the underlying emotion in the concept of the evil eye.

Problems Caused Due To Nazar Lagna

The evil eye can cause a range of problems to an individual. These problems can be small ones or can even lead to death.

Physical Problems

Addictions to various things like alcohol, drugs, etc can be caused due to the evil eye. The evil eye can also lead to the recurrence of various illnesses and skin diseases. Sometimes, the effect of the evil eye can take a toll on one’s health. Once the effect of the evil eye is removed, the person starts becoming healthier physically.

Mental Problems

The evil eye can make a person suffer through constant depression, stress, and tension. A person might feel lonely and isolated for a long period without any mistake of theirs.

Education Problem

When an individual becomes forgetful and unsuccessful in passing exams, despite being intelligent and intellectual, it could be caused due to the evil eye.

Problems In Marriage And Family  

The evil eye can cause issues and arguments in one’s family life. Not getting married or delay in marriage, infertility, premature birth and even kids dying at a young age can be caused due to Nazar Lagna.

Generally, if such problems are witnessed for a long time, they are considered to be caused due to the effect of Nazar Lagna. One can get rid of these problems using some spiritual remedies. It is necessary to remove the curse of the evil eye as it can be dangerous in many circumstances. It can hinder one’s growth both personally and professionally, and also create complete chaos in one’s life. If such situations are observed, it is suggested to seek the help of psychic or other spiritual healers who know how to remove the curse.

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