Exclusive: Auspicious Colours To Wear This Festive Season!

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In India, people love to celebrate Diwali with great zeal and excitement, going above and beyond to spread holiday pleasure. Therefore, the best attire should carefully consider blending in with the occasion’s joyous mood. Know about the Auspicious Colours To Wear This Festive Season!

Since Diwali is all about lighting up yourself and your surroundings, your costume should complement the glitz and glam of the holiday by selecting the appropriate accessories and footwear. 

Indian festivals are already here and are being observed with extreme enthusiasm. Therefore, we advise you to give your trendy ethnic wardrobe a color boost.

Check out some of the Best Auspicious Colors to Wear this Festive Season. Scroll down and add these colors to your wardrobe right now. So, these are the Auspicious Colours To Wear This Festive Season!


Magenta and red ethnic clothing will undoubtedly be a killer look. Any ethnic clothing used for a joyous occasion should always be red. And it creates a fashionable statement appearance when there is a small pop of magenta with red. Try the trendy fashionable colors and adore this color scheme to brighten your celebrations.

This color will bring out your best qualities at a Diwali party and catch people’s attention. Your confidence will soar, and you’ll feel instantly happier. Choose a red outfit, and you’re good to go.


The color indigo is undoubtedly the most fashionable color right now. All skin tones in India benefit significantly from the attractive inky color.

Purchase luxurious cotton indigo designer saris for a royal appearance. For a dramatic impression, wear this with the chic Embellished Flats, chandelier earrings, and smokey eyelids.

Multiple shades of Pink

Have you ever worn flamingo pink for an Indian holiday? If not, you should at least attempt this plain hue of Pink. Flamingo pink designer lehenga with minimum decorations provides you plenty of opportunity to play around with accessories.

Additionally, you’re guaranteed to smile when you see this shade of Pink.

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Bluish-green Anarkali suits

Since the Maharani era, turquoise has been a highly favored color. These are the perfect festive colors to add to your outfit right away.

Select turquoise Anarkali suits with an irregular hemline and a soft gold tone to enhance the appearance and add class.

Tangy Orange 

Orange is regarded as an exceptionally bright color. This color has a lot of punch and complements every skin tone in India. Select an orange-colored saree, kurta, salwar suit, or lehenga with tiny golden embellishments to add elegance. Keep your accessories to a minimum and complete your appearance with a pair of golden shoes.


This season, yellow was the dominant color in western and Indian fashion. This color can quickly enhance your appearance when used with suits, saris, or lehengas.

Navy blue

Diwali is the best occasion to wear bold blue, after all. With this deep color, make a statement. Choose silk textiles to bring out the extra sparkle in this color.


When worn in the proper hue, browns are everything from boring. Rust-brown is a prominent color in the Festival collections, embracing it with charm. Add some jewelry, bold shoes, and vibrant sling purses to balance the contrast. Silver accessories give your outfit a sarcastic charm!

Bottom line 

Festivals like Diwali are a day to rejoice in the abundance and prosperity of the entire year. On this auspicious day, however, you are not supposed to wear an ordinary color; instead, it is preferable to dress in dark and gleaming hues for celebrations.

The main benefit of doing this is that it gives you a regal appearance and helps reflect light. Furthermore, you can wear these bright colors in all their splendor with silver jewelry, gold-toned watches, and standout shoes.

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