Exclusive: Zodiac Outfits For Dusshera!

Exclusive: Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera!

Dussehra is here, after all. We are sure you want this to be the perfect day. After the nine days of Navratri, this is the most highlighted festival in India. Now, read Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera.

To make this day as perfect as possible, you must have decided what to wear. Simply choosing an outfit is not enough. You should wear outfits according to your zodiac sign. The zodiac plays the most integral part in our lives. Thus, according to your zodiac, we are here with a guide on what to wear on the Dussehra. We even have the list of colors that would suit you the most. 


If you fall in the Aries category, you are bold. You are someone who works towards his goal. And not to mention, your fashion sense is incredible. We know that you want to wear trendy and fun clothes. Thus, we suggest you wear what you feel is trendy.


For Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera use red colors in your outfit as it is a lucky color. Red draws attention toward you, which will boost your confidence. So, get a trendy and fun outfit in red color. You can wear other colors with red on Dussehra, but do not leave out red. Red will keep you calm and confident. 

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As a Taurus, you are an earth-loving person. You must have a garden in your house or plan to have one soon. You can wear green color to highlight your love for the earth according to Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera.

One might want something easy, flowing cloth. However, do not leave out luxury from your outfit.


As Venus governs your sign, it signifies luxury is what you enjoy. Add accessories as you are good at it. Use silk material for your outfit. You can have something flowery and in light colors. Do not hesitate when you walk toward a room full of people. They will adore your outfit. 


The Gemini sign includes outgoing people. You are the one who starts the conversation in a group. You also like to behave and have the most dazzling Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera.


Whether it is Navratri or Dussehra, you want to look out of the world. As the sign that Mercury rules, you should choose green. The green-colored outfit will suit you, and all the eyes will follow you. It will also bring peace to your life. 


If you are cancer, then you know how sensitive you are. Being sensitive is a good thing in your case. It makes you think about others. However, some remarks may hurt you when it comes to your appearance. So do not let any lousy comment ruin this auspicious night for you.


Instead, wear an outfit which makes you suitable. You can choose outfits of colors like silver, cream, and white. Add some accessories like pearls that will look good with white. Men can also wear shirts in these colors. Women can wear dresses made of lace or net. 

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You are a sign which influences the sun. Leo people can go with colors like golden, orange, and purple. These colors will have a positive effect on your day.


For Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera, wear what you like. Add accessories and enjoy your perfect look. These colors will even give you calmness. 


Just like Gemini, Virgo is also influenced by Mercury. This means that green-colored clothes will look good on you this festival season, especially on Dussehra. You can wear different shades of green on this day. 


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As the seventh zodiac sign, Libra has Venus as the ruling planet. You are as excited as everybody for this Dussehra. Two colors that are considered lucky for you are light blue and white according to Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera.


So you can go with bright colors for your outfit. However, it would be best if you stayed away from red on this auspicious day.  


You are the one who dresses extravagantly in the group. So many colors go with your personality, like pink, dark blue, silver, red, golden, copper, and yellow. You will spend a lot this Dussehra.


So buy the most fantastic outfit with all the essential accessories. We know that market is a matter of hours. Thus, we have listed all the colors you can wear according to your zodiac sign.

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As happy, free-spirited people, you can experiment with your attire this Dussehra. The shades which will look good according to your personality are navy blue, red, purple, and pink.


Experiment with these colors, and you will look amazing.


It is the perfect time for you to flaunt your traditional looks. As you love wearing traditional, the color grey, brown and tans would bring out the most of your personality as per Zodiac Outfits This Dusshera.


You will look elegant this Dussehra if you wear outfits in these shades. 


Purple is the color for you. Wear lavender or violet this festival to bring positivity to your home. You are the sign ruled by Saturn; therefore, purple will make you look enchanting. 



As much as we love to give you a whole list of colors, red is the perfect color for you.


You can wear any shade of red. In addition, you can blend it with colors like pale yellow or light orange. 

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