What to buy on Dhanteras as per your zodiac?

What should you donate this Dhanteras as per your zodiac?

Dhanteras is round the corner! Have you decided what to buy on dhanteras this year?

Dhanteras is falling on October 23 this year. 

Dhanteras is the first day marking the Diwali festival in India. We celebrate it by worshipping Lord Dhanvantari and Goddess Lakshmi for their long-term happiness and wealth.

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On this auspicious day, people also follow the trend of buying various items, mainly gold, silver, or other promising decorative materials on this day. In an upcoming account of this Dhanteras, this page brings some specific things you should try buying or what to avoid, according to your respective zodiac sign.


People with this zodiac sign should spend their money on gold coins, silver, utensils, and diamond pieces of jewelry on Dhanteras. Investment in these can also prove a beneficial factor from a wealth point of view.

Further, people under this zodiac can avoid buying things that include anything made up of iron or leather or using any chemicals.


People of the Taurus sign should opt to buy more gold, silver, diamonds, and bronze and can also purchase any utensils. Investing in these will prove to be auspicious and brings prosperity to their lives.

Buying saffron and sandal will bring good luck for Taurus. However, Taurus can avoid oil, leather, wooden material, or even vehicles.

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Dhanteras will be an auspicious occasion for Geminis. For them, it is best to purchase materials made up of gold, silver, and mainly Pukhraj and, primarily, can lock property deals like land, home, or other furniture items.


Cancerians can purchase any items in the name of their family members rather than on themselves. If one plans to give a gift to a child, anything will be good to provide them for their use, not self-use.

People with cancer signs can refrain from buying gold or investing in share market deals.


People from Leo signs can buy vehicles, electronic gadgets, and utensils. They can also seek profits by investing in things made of wood, land, houses, flats, Jewellery, gold, silver, and bronze.

These people must avoid purchasing items, especially those made of or containing iron and cemented material.


People under this zodiac sign can purchase land, electronic items, and gadgets. However, these people might have to avoid buying something of gold, silver, and diamonds and also need to avoid wearing any white garments under new clothes.


It’s wise for Libreans to wait for some time before they invest anything huge in amount of money or investing in gold and diamond for now.

If they want to purchase something to continue their belief and trend no matter what, they must buy some of their essential items in the name of their respective family member.


Purchasing things of gold, silver, clothes, pottery items are very auspicious for Scorpio.

But they must be careful about purchasing branded stuff and avoid investing in anything with enormous monetary value or property shares.


People from these signs should take this festival to their advantage and can even invest in land, precious metals, diamonds, and stones.

This time can prove to be very promising for their investment purchases and brings prosperity to their life.


Capricorns might benefit from buying anything. They can invest in land, utensils, and metals. Clothes and gold will serve a special meaning in their life during this time, and they need to buy these first. Family or their ancestors’ commodities might even prove as be very useful in any terms.


It would be best to buy books of your choice, vehicles, electronic items, furniture, and beautiful decorative things for your home. This auspicious time is perfect for people of the Aquarius sign to invest in various areas. However, they must avoid threading through any fixed assets or shares.


Pisceans might need to buy or invest in gold, silver, precious metals, and stones. People of this sign should be able to purchase any items they want, except investing in shares or locking any deal in the stock market.

So, have you decided?

Donating the food grains on this auspicious day of Dhanteras is very auspicious. They can also contribute anything they can buy according to their zodiac and donate them to bring more prosperity to their life.

People can also present the food items to any poor person or anyone in specific need. Sweets and Dakshina are believed to be the most important things that are required to be included in donating to the poor. It is believed to bring more happiness and prosperity to their house.

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