Analysis of Extramarital Affair through Astrology

Analysis of Extra Marital Affair through Astrology

Nowadays, the life of any couple whether in metros or in remote areas is very busy, one reason, of course, is the mobile phone which keeps everyone busy for no good reason. Such grounds causes lack of time for people who are valuable and often take us to the path of destruction and dishonesty. There are many reasons which push a person into an extramarital affair. 

The understanding between the couples is also not that far-reaching which will make a husband-wife relationship a healthy one. The interference of girl`s parents in the household is another major issue which a man suffers. Work pressure, The wealth case, grow rich quickly plans and attraction of the outside world are all factors which are making one look outwards rather than inwards.

Indian society becoming so very free as far as sex with anyone is concerned is also a major issue and we now see the streaming shows full of filth and garbage and in the name of woman individuality and freedom, many kinds of nonsense are happening.

All this result in one attracted to a person at his workplace, dine outs, school, college, hospitals and where not. But what initiates this act of searching for multiple sexes astrologically is the topic of this blog.

The Analysis of Chart through Astrology

This horoscope belongs to a female who is a sex maniac. She can be approached by any person who is close to her and this married woman does not refuse.  All thanks to the Lagna is in the star of Ketu. Ketu is conjunct Mars. Mars and Ketu are spoiling the 7thhouse completely.

The Lagna lord is in the 7th bhava in the cups chart and 11th lord Mercury is in the 8th bhava only. 8thhouse stands for secret sex activities amongst other things. She gains from her sexual acts. Moon is debilitated and is aspected by Jupiter. It is in the star of Saturn which is conjunct Rahu. Moon is badly afflicted. The dispositor of the moon is again afflicted. Saturn is the 7th house ruler.

We see that the moon, the 7th house, and the Lagna are all connected with Ketu in the 7th house. The 7th house ruler is afflicted badly. Venus is in the star of Mars. Thus the majority of the planets are getting connected with the 7th house.

Detailed Report of Extramarital Affair

Moon is in the Lagna and the Lagna is in the star of Saturn in the 8thhouse. There is a clear indication of inclination towards secret sex here as the 7thhouse lord itself is the 8th house lord. Also, the mental makeup of the native is positive for multiple sex encounters.

He is a 1965 born person having another relation with a female 5 years younger to him. In the Dasa of Mars, the native is having this relationship. Mars is in the star of Venus and in own sub. Also, Venus is afflicted with Rahu.

Planetary Placement of Extramarital Affair

This is the chart of a 1976 born person. He is having an extramarital affair. The Lagna is aspected by Venus and Mercury. Moon is in the star of Jupiter which is in the 5th bhava in the cusp chart.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Ketu are in the5th bhava. Moon is the star of Jupiter and its dispositor Mercury is also in the 5th thus the Lagna and mind are both very much connected with the 5th bhava. The Lagna lord is weak and there is no Neech Bhanga happening here.

Lagna of Extramarital Affair

The Lagna is in the star of Jupiter. Jupiter is aspected by Venus and Saturn which are afflicted by Rahu. Moonis aspected by Mars, and is in the star of Rahu. Rahu is in the 5thbhava in the cusp chart. Moon and the Lagna are connected with the 5thhouse, the desire to have romance and Venus with Rahu and Saturn is giving the desire to have secret sexual relations.

extramarital affairs

In terms of Astrology, the affliction to Venus and Moon and the Lagna are the primary initiators of indulging in post-marital sexual relations. It is not the objective of this blog that you start suspecting the ones you love but just to give you primary hints that if the planets are in such position then such things are possible. But If you are willing to know that astrological outcome of your doubts feels free to call me to get the insights on the same.

Ending Remark

I may be wrong but I have seen natives of Cancer ascendant with extramarital affairs reason being they do not have a happy married life because malefic Saturn rules the 7th and 8th bhava. 

They have a singular dedication towards their spouse but due to bad experiences, they seek their peace somewhere else just to maintain the family.

These were some major details about the analysis of Extramarital Affair through Astrology and you may also like to read about Delay in Marriage: Reasons and Remedies.

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