Farhan Akhtar to get married soon? Astrologers predict

Sh ibani Dandekar and Farhan's marriage

After correctly predicting Katrina Kaif’s and Vicky Kaushal’s marriage, our astrologers, since then, have been on the lookout to find who is going to be the next potential groom or bride in the B-town, and what’s better than the ongoing wedding season to make such a prediction?

Having said that, the astrologers at AstroTalk are of the view that it’s Farhan Akhtar’s stars that are hinting that he may soon find himself in a wedlock.

Farhan Akhtar to get married?

As per our astrologers, the year 2021 has been a great one for Farhan’s personal life. And having managed that part of his life well, the stars in his birth chart indicate that he might be a little enthused about his settlement and is even thinking of tying the knot sometime in February 2022. And once he is done tying the knot, the transit of Saturn in the second house will prove to be good for him as it will bring lots of amazing opportunities for him in the remaining 2022.

Also, the planet sun in Farhan’s kundli is posied really well for 2022, and it is supposed to allow him the confidence to make the right choices. So as per our astrologers, it is a matter of time when we will be drolling over another set of Bollywood celebs’ wedding pictures and we surely can’t wait.

Meanwhile, for the one wondering who the potential bride would be? Well, the fact that Farhan has been dating Shibani Dandekar for a while now, we could imagine her behind the veil. The two love birds have been together for as long as four years now and thier PDAs not only give us major couple goals but also reflect their love for each other.

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