Reading Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal’s Relationship Compatibility

Katrina and vicky marriage

The big-fat wedding season passing by without the hush-hush around a Bollywood couple getting married? Well, that wouldn’t be fair.

Thus doing the fair to our senses, the rumours of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal getting married are all over the place. And if the rumours are true (which our astrologers think are, as they have already predicted about the same on an Instagram live a month earlier), the un-announced couple will get married at the Six Senses Fort Hotel in Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur district in December. Meanwhile, the wedding would be sometime between 7-12 December, as these dates are good for marriage as per wedding muhurat.

With that being a fact, the question that arises now is whether the stars align for Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal? And are they compatible with each other? Let’s find out.

Katrina Kaif’s horoscope 

Katrina Kaif horoscope chart

The bride to be, Katrina Kaif, was born onJuly 16, 1983. Her Sun sign is Cancer and her Moon sign is Virgo. Kaif, at the time of her birth, had Saturn in her Libra that has ‘helped’ her achieve all the success in life. However, the Chandal dosh in her kundli keeps her away from ultimate success in life. 

Vicky Kaushal’s horoscope 

Vicky Kaushal horoscope chart

Vicky Kaushal, born on 16 May 1988, is a typical Taurus, not just chart-wise but also characteristics-wise. He rose to fame silently while staying grounded, which is the result of Angarak Yog formed by Mars and Rahu in his kundli. This yog allows you success, however, requires you to be patient enough. He will also benefit from the lady luck post his marriage as per his kundli.

Katrina Kaif & Vicky Kaushal’s Compatibility 

Vicky, a Taurus, and Katrina, a Virgo, as per their Moon sign, make a well-matched couple. The fact that both are Earth signs further adds-on to their compatibility score. The two signs are known for the stability they bring into each other’s life and thus are able to enjoy a comfortable life together.

In astrology, the zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by Venus and Virgo, on the other hand, by Mercury. As friendly planets to each other, one can expect these signs to spew practicality and immense love into any of their relationships. Also, as these both signs are really materialistic in nature, they take care of each other’s needs and comforts.

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Sexually, while the Virgo partner usually behaves inferiorly when it comes to showing sexual desires, Taurus literally spoils the former by allowing them the comfort where the Virgo can share his/her deepest desires. Thus sexually too, it is going to be a fun ride for the couple.

On the downside, what can bug off the couple is the excessively caring nature of Taurus. The Bulls tend to get way too possessive, which the Virgos are not used to. However, as per our astrologers, this problem might not bother the couple as they must be pretty used to such emotions seeing the fact that they come from the film industry.

Katrina Kaif & Vicky Kaushal’s Future

Katrina Kaif’s Horoscope Oct 30 – Dec 15, 2021

This period will allow Katrina the comfort of exciting interactions with compatible people. She would be able to very well balance her professional and domestic commitments. In this period, her desires will be fulfilled and there would be gains in income and profits. Katrina Kaif horoscope adds that she will get in the company of the opposite sex. She will get some help from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions.

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Vicky Kaushal’s Horoscope Oct 30 – Dec 15, 2021

Vicky Kaushal horoscope says that he should avoid complacency and an easy-going attitude. In this period, he may struggle with finances too. However, this would be a temporary problem. Also, the actor will be inundated with workload and heightened levels of responsibility. Despite all the woes, the man will be content about life and will be able to lead it in a positive way.

With that being said, the upcoming time looks very positive for the couple in love and to-be-wed.

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