Fashion Tips by Sign- Discover Your Optimum Fashionable Self

Fashion Tips by Sign- Discover Your Optimum Fashionable Self

Being a fashionista isn’t easy. Discovering your style and determining what image and look are best for you can be elusive. Luckily, astrology can provide just the insight you need to look your best, including what your best colors are and what accessories are right for you, based on your Sun Sign.

Astrology can also increase your chances of fashion success through planetary movements. When Venus, the earth of affection and wonder, makes positive transits to your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, you’ve got an excellent chance of creating good fashion choices.

Discover your optimum Sun Sign fashion self:


Red is that the color that matches your fiery personality, so use it as your main shade altogether your outfits, and boost your hairstyle with some red hair extensions. Your cheekbones highlight your best feature, and earrings, especially hoops, help show them off.


Your sensuous sign loves the touch of Kashmiri sweaters and pure silk shirts, and you look great in those pastel colors of light violet, pink, orange, and yellow. Don’t forget to add many necklaces, chains, and scarfs to your accessories, since they flatter your sign’s a part of the body, the neck, and throat. You shimmer in flowery dresses, and paisley ties are a requirement for male Bulls.


You love what is funny and blogging hot and different. Decorate your beautiful hands and arms with rings and bracelets, and don’t forget handbags. Khaki tote bags and metallic suede clutch bags appeal to you since you would like your accessories to be as eclectic as you are.


Your colors are the shades of your ruler, the Moon: pearl, silver, and off-white. You love clothes that have a vintage and antique flavor, and you carry off that look better than anyone. This sign’s body type is usually full in the bust, so attract people with an array of the feminine.


Everything you are doing is splashed together with your customary flamboyance and flair, which includes your fashion image. Your color scheme radiates the rays of the summer sun, so make it some extent to wear yellow, orange, and gold, and consider having golden highlights put into your voluptuous mane of hair.


A printed and long shirt dress with a large leather belt (If you say no to animal cruelty) you can spruce up yours with bold colored ones., combined with a dark-coloUred blazer, suits you and your tailored style perfectly. Look for earth tones for your best color matches, like forest green, dark brown, and burnt umber, and incorporate those colors into your makeup scheme. You love to be punctual, and a small-dial strap watch is ideal for you.


Feminine lacy dresses are your first love, and you look wonderful in the colors of pale blue, pink, yellow, and green. Male Libras bring romance to your wardrobe and helps you to shine in Edwardian style button-down shirts.


Sexy lingerie within the reminder black, maroon, or burgundy is your idea of fashion heaven, and you wear that intimate bedroom looks as often as you’ll and anywhere you can! Designer sunglasses aren’t just an adjunct for you, they’re a lifestyle statement since you’ll deflect your intense and smoldering eyes with tinted lenses and Jackie O style oversize frames.


Casual and sporty is your style, and no one looks better than you do in a T-shirt, cut-off shorts, and baseball cap, whether you are a female or male Archer. Your long legs look fabulous in knee-length leggings and tights, and once you start wearing those form-fitting jeans, placed on some slinky high-heeled boots to feature to your pizza. Royal purple and midnight blue are your best colors.


You are made for men sprint draped skirts and pinstripe pantsuits, and you wear the colors grey, white, and black with true stylish panache. When it’s time to relax, you look great in beaded skirts and tops, and you’re keen on denim, which you wear with ease. Guy Goats look great on weekends in flannel shirts, except for work, you are feeling comfortable with the skinny tie/white shirt/dark suit image.


Your favorite color scheme is as electric as you are, and you love fluorescent colors, as in shocking orange. You love to be unique and off-beat others in your clothing styles, and you look great with retro looks like bell-bottom jeans and 50’s high top sneakers, topped off with a lacy camisole. Ankle bracelets were made for your sign, so wear them often, since they add a touch of allure to any outfit you’ve got on.


Shoes are for you, and one of your favorite shoe styles is the open-toed sandal to display your snazzy toe rings. Turquoise, aquamarine, and green colors bring out the best in you, and use those shades in your makeup, especially in eye shadow, since your eyes are one among your best features. Soft velvet jackets with over pleated skirts for girls and pants for guys make a welcome addition to your closet.

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