Father’s Day 2020- Know how your Dad is as per his zodiac

Father's Day 2020- Know how your Dad is as per his zodiac

One day while casually having supper with my Dad, I asked him “Why you bought a new dress for me though it was your birthday?” He casually smiled and said “You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. You were and will always be my princess. My happiness lies in yours”. That day, the conversation ended with a small hug and I realized Dads never express but they love their children as much as their mothers love them. They are the true unsung heroes of our society. From protecting us from Mom’s scoldings to helping us crave our late-night cravings, Dads have the biggest hand in everything.

Father’s Day is around the corner. Though every father loves his children and each has a specific quality trait as per their zodiac sign. Along with the fatherly love, the personality of each varies a bit. Know what traits you daddy has as per his zodiac.

Aries Dad

The Aries Dads are competitive in nature. They have a winning spirit. The Aries Daddys are their child’s biggest fan and they also motivate them in everything they do. Aries fathers pushers their children hard to achieve the goal of their life. In addition, the Aries fathers are super excited, loves fun, and are always ready to play with their kids. Aries Dads love enjoying and are always ready for a beach trip, road trip, or any game night.

Taurus Daddy

The best thing about Taurus Dads is that they are quite dependable and reliable. Be it packing lunch or picking up his kid from school, Tauru’s dad can never forget his duties. However, the Taurus daddy’s maybe a little stubborn but to their kids, they are always lovely. A Taurus father is quite punctual and hence makes sure that his kid’s lives are secure and structured.

Gemini Father

The Gemini dads are the funniest of all. He has a super trait of becoming a kid with his kids. Hence, rather than a father, he has more likely a kid to them. The energetic and chatty Taurus dad has a Kurdish nature. Moreover, this spirit of his is admired by his kids.

Cancer Dad

The cancer dads are the most caring of all. He is compassionate for his kids and will always be the one to celebrate by cooking on his child’s success. Moreover, a Cancer daddy is a pillar of support for his kids and always offers a shoulder to them to go cry on. Though he can be a bit moody or aggressive his kids know that he loves them so much.

Leo Daddy

The Lido dads reflect their zodiac and have the characteristics of gdb lion. They are proud and full of vigor. They are quite protective regarding their kids and love to boast about their success. It gives great satisfaction and pleasure to them. Moreover, these daddy’s are also known to spoil their kids. Hence, being a daughter if a Leo Dad means shopping treats quite often.

Virgo Father

The Virgo Daddys are thoughtful and wise ones. These dads are the best in giving practical or life-related advice. He is overprotective regarding his kids and hence may sometimes sound rude or critical. But his kuda knows it is merely because he loves them and will always be there.

Libra Dad

The kind-hearted Libra dad’sss love togetherness. They are friendly by nature and want their family yo remain and celebrate together. Though he is not the taskmaster it the controller of the family, because his better half is a pro in these. However, he is funny and has a charm in his personality. Hence, his kids love spending their time with him.

Scorpio Daddy

Though loyal, but Scorpio’s dads always keep thinking about something or the other. These dads are ready to do anything for the kids. Their kids are their real treasure and the most important thing for them in the world. The Scorpio dads are independent and quiet by nature. The love goes see their family happy and hence is ready to go do anything for their happiness.

Sagitarrius Father

Having a Sagittarius dad means a lot of fun. He is full of energy and lives doing activities with his kids. The score their child’s thirst for curiosity and love learning as well. However, They are funny and also enthusiastic at the same time.

Capricon Dad

The Capricon fathers are stereotyped of all. He is stalwart and also quite ambitious. Though he may not be the most affectionate father, he surely helps his children in touching skies and accomplishing their dreams.

Aquarius Dad

The intellectual dad is an Aries Dad. He loves bringing a dime on his kid’s faces. Having a wide range of hobbies and interests, the Aquarius Daddy’s often love reading stories। to you get kid while nurturing the passion of the older one. However, he may seem detached at times.

Pisces Daddy

The Pisces daddy has mixed traits. On the one hand, he is affectionate and imaginative, and is emotional and sentimental as well. He is too much into his kids and hugs them often to make them aware of this fact. However, the Pisces Daddy doesn’t come in the list of practical fathers. He is loving and empathetic and loves his kid’s extracurricular activities.

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