Marriage and Astrology- Find Your right partner

Astrology to find the right partner for Marriage

It has been believed traditionally that a person wishes to find the right partner for marriage for good luck. No path through life is straightforward, likewise, it is not easy to live a happy life with someone. It often gets very tough. After tying the knot, two people live in that relationship every day. Also, everything in their life has two parts and it is important that we always prioritize our partner’s needs and happiness.

A marriage essentially requires 2 things, among other things, which is an understanding spouse and an appropriate time for marriage. The search for a spouse for marriage begins to transform a house into a home. Once a person settles into a job or business, they need another person to move forward in a progressive and happy direction in life. And why not as marriage is the most exciting event in the life of a normal human being.

Also, meeting an ideal partner doubles the joy of life. However, one thing to be seen in today’s modern society is that this simple thing is becoming more complex, finding a nice life partner is not easy. Also, current era is not somewhat the days of a male-dominated society. Today, when a person searches for their life-partner, both the bride and groom get equal opportunity to choose. Their aspirations matter equally.

In this way, finding the right partner for marriage is more important than just marrying in life. Otherwise, there are many stages in life where a person has to face loneliness. According to the ancient science of Indian heritage, astrology, if a person wants to know such special things related to his life. A Horoscope of a person contributes a lot in finding the right partner, read further.

Unknown reasons that limit the possibilities of Marriage

  • In some situations, despite an excellent lifestyle, marriage proposals do not come easily.
  • Due to conflicting matters, the matter does not proceed after a few steps.
  • Sometimes individuals have very high expectations for their spouse, which hinders marriage.
  • Occasionally, someone close to the person may also find it difficult to find a suitable spouse.
  • In some circumstances, the person suffers misfortune due to the position of the horoscope planets.

Apart from these circumstances, there are some facts which create an interruption in the marriage of a person-

  • Non-trusting nature.
  • Extremely conservative nature for spouse’s religion, social and economic status.
  • Negative thinking and obsessive nature.
  • A selfish personality.
  • Nature of criticism.
  • Self-centeredness.
  • Inability to sympathize.
  • Lack of compassion.
  • Inability to devotion.
  • The inability for commitment.

Importance of Horoscope Reading for the right partner

In horoscope analysis, there are many reasons which cause an obstruction in marriage even after some extraordinary efforts. Negatively aspected Lagna or Ascendant and tarnished ascendant lord can be major reasons behind an obstruction in marriage. However, there are very few people who feel that they have been prepared with such rarity and there are very few who will work to overcome this deficiency.

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House of Marriage

In Vedic Astrology, the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are considered to be harmful. These houses hinder the development of aspected houses. When the person’s marriage and life partner’s house is 7th from the Lagna or ascendant, then the 2nd house and 12th house from this house and 6th house from Lagna is malefic. All these houses draw negative effects on the 7th house (the house of marriage and spouse). If a planet is in this house, it will further complicate the issue.

Karaka of Marriage in Astrology

For male natives, planet Venus is the aspect of Ascendant while for women Jupiter signifies Lagna. If these planets are not in a beneficial position in the 7th house in the horoscope, it can cause delays in marriage. In this case or for every purpose Saturn is the biggest hoodlum. If Saturn aspects at the 7th house or the lord of the 7th house in the Lagna chart or in the Navamsha a delay will surely occur before a person gets a Siddha Purusha removing the karmic rules and blessing with his grace.

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