Lines on Forehead- Know Your Persona and Your Future

7 Lines on Forehead- Know Your Persona and Your Future

Just as our hand defines our fate, the forehead reflects our future and personality. According to Vedic Astrology, these lines are influenced by all the planets. As mentioned in Samudra Shastra, a person can know their past, future, and present by looking at the 7 lines of forehead. Dive in to read about Forehead astrology and how shape of these 7 lines draw your destiny-

Forehead Lines Astrology

Forehead lines Astrology or Forehead Reading or Metoposcopy focuses on reading and forecasting a person’s actions & future through the shapes and lines on the forehead. These lines on the forehead represent the personality & behavior of a person. However, you can only understand them after astrological analysis. If you wish to research them yourself then you know a few things.

  • If a person has a circular line in the forehead or a straight line between the eyes, they become conquerors. They are great speakers, strong and attractive.
  • When a person laughs, if lines form in the middle of both eyebrows, it is a hint of their compassionate, spiritual behavior. They comprise satvic qualities and help everyone.
  • If a person has upward lines, or a trident or swastika mark in their forehead, then they comprise qualities of an all-rounder. They are blessed with wealth, a healthy child, and a good partner & joyous family life.
  • If the Saturn and Guru lines form a crescent shape in the upper forehead, then the person is very fortunate. With the conjunction of the Sun and Moon lines, they receive good luck.
  • It is said that if there are four unbroken lines on the forehead, then the person live longer than the age of the person is 90 years.
  • If the head of a person is very small and has many different lines, then they suffer many sorrows in life.
  • When a person has only one deep arched line on the forehead, then such a person is a wanderer. They have a kind heart and generous conduct.

7 Lines on Forehead

According to Astrology, there are seven lines on the forehead. These seven lines signify seven planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. If there 3 complete and clear lines on the forehead then the person becomes rich and prosperous. Also, if a person doesn’t have a lean or plain forehead, they spend a life of poverty.

7 Lines on Forehead

Shani Rekha or Saturn Line

Shani or Saturn line forms on the top of the forehead of a person. It is not remarkably a long line. You can see it only in the middle of the forehead. A person with a clear Saturn line hold a very serious nature. Such people can be successful Magicians, Astrologers and Fortune Teller.

Rekha or Jupiter Line

Guru or Jupiter line forms on the forehead right below the Saturn line. Usually, this line is slightly longer than the Saturn line. A person with a clear and long Jupiter line is confident. They are the people of their words. With the fortune of Jupiter, they earn their name in government jobs or education.

Mangal Rekha or Mars Line

Mangal or Mars line falls below the Jupiter line. The person who has a clear Mars line on their forehead has auspicious qualities. They are full of courageous, self-respect, heroism, virtuousness, intelligence, and creativity. Such people can become officers of the army or police, in any administrative post.

Buddha Rekha or Mercury Line

Buddha or Mercury line forms in the middle of the forehead. This line is long and sometimes it touches the edges of both ears of the person. A person with a clear Mercury line has great qualities. They have then sharp memory, interest in artistic works. They always analyze the good and bad before work. With the blessings of Mercury, they embrace wisdom, skills, and grasping abilities.

Shukra Rekha or Venus Line

Shukra or Venus line falls just below the Mercury line. It is a short line. If a person has a sharp and visible Venus line, they are full of enthusiasm, hope, and optimism. They have high vitality, wandering nature, beauty, and lovers. As Venus is the planet of beauty, these are extraordinarily charming people.

Surya Rekha or Sun Line

Surya or Sun line forms right above the eyebrow of the right eye of a person. It is commonly a short line. It is only limited above the eye. If a person has a clear and sharp Sun Line, they generate an amazing understanding on all matters. Such people are a fan of discipline and punctuality. They affect people very quickly with their principles and behavior. Also, in a very short span of period, they build connections with people and influence them with their wisdom.

Chandra Rekha or Moon Line

Chandra or Moon line is right above the eyebrow of the left eye. If this line is clear and straight, then such a person embraces artistic qualities, reclusive, with developed intelligence and imaginative thinking. They are commonly interested in the fields of painting, singing, music, etc.

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