Foot Reading- Know what your feet have to say about you

Foot Reading- Know what your feet have to say about you

Our feet are like the mirror to the rest of the body. They may not be the most beautiful part of one’s body but they can actually say a lot about one’s personality. Just like your palm read, your feet, especially your toes, can tell a whole lot about who you are and what are your areas of interest.

Foot reading, like palm reading is a common practice in India for more than 5000 years ago. In the great epic Ramayana, Sita Ma’s foot reading was conducted before her wedding to Lord Ram. It was in this reading that she discovered that her would-be-husband would be a king and therefore she was confident that he would defeat the evil Ravana.

The expression “put the best foot forward” is a very common phrase used when one is at the brink of starting afresh. This is because our feet, like our hands, are extremely important. Eyes might be the window to one’s soul, and the palm is the window to one’s fate, but one must never underestimate the power of feet that bears essence their entire existence.

They can speak volumes about your health and your general well being. So, in this article, we are going to reveal what your feet have to say about you.

Foot shape-Mirror to one’s personality

Different foot shapes represent different personalities of individuals. Each shape carries different qualities and personality traits. So, without any delay, let’s discuss different foot shapes.

Egyptian Toe-

It is a common foot type. Egyptian toe can be distinguished by a long big toe, followed by the other toes making an angle forty-five degrees. The entire foot is at an incline and the Egyptian foot is longer and narrower than other shapes. People having Egyptian toe loves royalty and extra pampering. They are friendly but are mysterious and secretive. They generally don’t like to reveal their inner thoughts and like keeping things to themselves.

Roman Toe-

The Roman foot is also a pretty common foot type. It is characterized by the first three toes forming a straight line, followed by the other two in descending order. People having this foot type have charisma and are loyal and courageous. These people can do anything for their friends and loved ones even at the cost of sacrificing their own comfort and happiness. They are adventurous and love discovering different cultures and spaces.

Greek Toe-

This foot type is often regarded as the flame foot or fire foot due to its shape. The Greek foot has a second longer toe than the rest of the toes. People having greek toes are sporty, active, and creative. These people are enthusiastic self-starters however sometimes they are very impulsive and takes a lot of stress. The people with greek toe are commonly found in athletes, artists, public speakers, and inventors.

Peasant Toe-

Also known as the square foot, this foot type occurs when all the toes are of the same length. Square footed people are believed to be loyal, calm, practical, and reliable. They are very patient and can ponder for ages over the decisions and are hence ideal ones for resolving issues and conflicts. They are honest by nature and are truly sorted in life.

Extra small Toe-

This foot type has an extra tiny pinky toe as a distinguishing feature. This foot type is rare and people having it, generally have an open personality. They like to make friends and are social. They might be secretive about any touchy topic or there might be something, in general, they avoid discussing with others.

Wide Set Toe-

If there’s a lot of gaps between your toes or if they can be stretched far apart, this foot type is referred to as a traveler’s foot or wide-set toes. People with this foot type are adventurous and love to travel. They never really settle in one place and are mostly on the lookout for a new adventure. They love exploring their areas of interest and follow their heart wherever they go.

Stretched Toes-

When there’s a gap between the big toe and the rest of the toes, this foot type is regarded as stretched toes. People with this foot type are independent and love their freedom. They are quite confident and very sure of their opinions. These people love outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, etc.

Know what your feet tell about your love life

The fourth toe tells everything about one’s relationship. If the toe pad of the fourth toe looks pointed then they are overthinking this area of their life. Redness on the top of the toe indicates anger regarding the person’s love life and a purple-blue toe indicates hurt.

The second toe is the toe of emotion. It also holds a lot of secrets about one’s married life. If the length of the second toe of a man’s feet seems to be bigger than the thumb toe, wives of such male natives are very obedient and cooperative, believe them truly and consider them as God.

In the opposite case, when the length of the second toe of a woman’s feet seems to be bigger than the thumb toe, then their husbands will listen to them throughout their life.

Other secrets that your feet wanna tell you

The people whose veins in the feet are clearly visible, grow old quickly. Such people should take extra care of their health. On the other hand, people whose feet are torn is a sign of bad luck. In such a case, problems such as misery, stuck money, bad health, etc are likely to occur.

Cracked heels indicate that one is a decisive leader and can deal with all kinds of obstacles while swollen feet indicate that one is having a hard time expressing emotions.

The nails also tell a lot about one’s personality. If the nails are vertically rigid it can indicate a metabolic imbalance and if they are horizontally ridged it can indicate having gone through a time of great emotion and stress. There is even cancer that can appear in the nail initially as a thin vertical black line.

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