Fortnite Season 10- Players Sneak-peek to Battle Royale & Save the World


Regardless of the customary Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, this time the creators bring Fortnite Battle Pass Missions for players. Nevertheless, they are released on a weekly basis. Also, they function like old-style Battle Pass Challenges. Furthermore, there are new locations and Vaulted Weapons and much more.

Moreover, season 10 delivers surprising additions for all the players to have an experience like never before. What are those? Let’s embark on the voyage to know and begin with finding what is new in the Battle Royale.

The Battle Royale- Battle Pass

In the new season, among 100 levels and over 100 new rewards, we are happy to express that you can now gift the Battle pass to a friend.

This addition applies in all the regions and is available on all the platforms till the 15th of August. Not limiting this to here, the first purchase includes a diverse Gift box for the players to use.

The Latest Addition and Weapon for Players


The Latest Addition and Weapon

Similar to its literal meaning, B.R.U.T.E is savage. It is a two-person vehicle in which the players can control the movement at the same time as their partner controls the firepower. It is like one of those few suits which make you feel powerful. With an extra adventurous sensation, you can operate it solo if you switch between shooting & moving.



As mentioned above, this vehicle can be used by two players. Among which one i.e. the driver controls movement while the gunner is responsible raining down missiles as well as shotgun shots.

Abilities of Driver-

  • Hasten into battle.
  • Super Jump to victory.
  • Stomp enemies and configurations into the ground.


  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.5x
  • Clip Size: 10
  • Damage: 50

Missile Launcher

  • Holding down Trigger will begin loading missiles.
  • At once, fires up 10 missiles.
  • Past trigger release or loading 10 missiles, all missiles launch automatic fire.

Rift Zones

Alongside the mysterious gameplay, revolutionizing put in the Zero Point Explosion has made the island unpredictable.

Well, drop yourself in the Battle Royale and discover the diverse in the locations because its nothing like it was once.


  • The Missions
  • Owners of BattlePass get access to a new weekly mission and rewards.
  • All the missions are a series of thematic goals.
  • Past completion of goals, players earn Battle Stars, XP, and exclusive cosmetics.
  • Limited TimeMissions
  • These are available to all the players.
  • The Limited TimeMissions replaces daily challenges.
  • Each week a new Limited Time Mission is accessible for all players.
  • Every LimitedTime Mission holds objectives to unlock over the course of a week.
  • One goal or objective unlocks each day, even when the player doesn’t log in.
  • The mission expires after the time period of 7 days.
  • All players are suggested to finish the objective within week’s Limited-Time Mission before the 7th day ends.

What is new in Save The World

What is new for players in Save The World

This is the part you were waiting for isn’t it? So, dive in and find out what’s new “Save The World”.

  • Hit the Road

Hola players, get ready to face some far above the ground and extreme road trip actions. So, gather the gear and hop up because it is the time to the road.

  • Introducing the Locker

The Locker tab faces an enhancement and the very favorite to all, Music Packs, Loading Screens, and Emotes are the latest addition in Save the Word.


  • At present, the Lockeris shared between Battle Royale and Save the World.
  • When a player changes the Locker in either Save the World or Battle Royale, it changes in both.
  • The first part of the Locker is here and all players can use their Emotes, Loading Screens, and Music Packs.

Emotes for the Players

  • Each and every Emotesnow work in Save the World.
  • Including Dances, Sprays, Toys, and Emoticons players can use any emotes in all modes.
  • Players can slop up to 6 Emotes in the Locker for swift access on the Emote Wheel.
  • By paging the wheel up or down, players can access the additional Emotes.
  • Use of Dances and Emoticons in the Lobby is available now.
  • Players, who buy Save the World packs receive Ride the Pony.
  • One and all keep the Dances Moves and player in all modes start with that Emote. 

Hit the Road-

  • It allows for a road trip adventure. Three other players can help Quinn get to the Radio Station.
  • Quinn travels ina hover-truck and complete with a mobile storm defense shield.
  • The route runs along with four randomized objectives.
  • Each of these is tricky and upgraded.
  • Get to the radio station and protect Quinn.
  • Collect enough traps, ammo, and possessions to secure the triumph.
  • The road trip ends in case of the vehicle lose all of its strength. However, players earn rewards according to the accomplishment of objectives.
  • Start the trip without your gear.
  • Make foraging and harvesting your top priority.
  • Players keep their schematics and begin with “hand-me-down” weapons.
  • Weapons with apposite perks are scattered throughout the route.
  • Moreover, it increases the chances of survival devoid of player’s weapon schematics.
  • Chests in Hit the Road spawn tier-appropriate weapons, resources, and traps.

Concluding Thoughts 

In conclusion, these were the major details of all the additions in the Fortnite Season X. So, why are you waiting? Hop up on your sets, grab the gear and let the battle begin.

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