Friendship Day 2020: Loneliness Over Fake Freinds?

Friendship Day 2020

Loneliness is a pretty subjective term. Everyone has a different interpretation of it. Some will say that it is s sign of sadness some say it’s a personal choice and the rest judge you for it. You can even feel alone in a close-knit circle, in a family gathering, or any social sphere you can think of. However, being alone or feeling alone is something that most of the younger generation is going through. Social media has spread its root in our mind and soul thus giving superficial expectations. On the day of friendship day 2020, I want to bring to your knowledge why its better to stay alone than have fake friends.

Nevertheless even before the age of the internet and Instagram people have suffered from having no true friend. In my case since kindergarten till the 4th grade, I had no friends. And now at the age of 24 yet again I have a few one close companions to rely upon. Last night I got carried away with my trail of thoughts and realized how my childhood has left an impression on the present me. Nothing has changed even now, however, I have a couple of friends I can trust and depend upon. Its always quality over quantity which I didn’t realize in elementary school.

Friendship Day 2020 Lesson

So now is when things get real heated up. This was the era of absolute darkness and loneliness in my life. I was promoted to the 1st grade and I thought as classmates have shuffled I will be able to make some new friends. Well, it didn’t go according to my full proof plan and like always alone. But I had hopes that I will be able to at least make one good friend. My class teacher was really polite and welcoming in nature. She was old and humble never treated anyone less or more.

The tradition in our school was to get ditch your school uniform on your birthdays and distribute candies for your classmate. So I insisted my mother get me candies and dress me up for my birthday. Secretly all I wanted was to make a friend. So it was a tough phase for my family as we were suffering from serious financial issues.

My mother somehow arranged for the chocolates. so came the big day I was all excited but who knew it will be my first and last celebration. I went to school everyone greeted me. For the first time in my life, I was getting noticed, it was an awesome feeling. But during recess all the attention was sucked out my system, everyone let with their friend for lunch and I sat alone in a corner eating my lunch. Guess the candies didn’t do their magic well enough. I was never invited to birthday parties, no one even cared if I existed. That did leave a sour taste in my mouth. This continued for a few years when I stopped trying and friendship just naturally flowed towards me. I was patient enough and never settled for less.


As I grew up the candies were replaced with someone who always was your beck and call. I offered a shoulder to people who genuinely had no one to rely on. Nevertheless, I have now come to a point where I give nothing in return for something. I do it selflessly without any malice. I have friends now however not someone I would label as a best or close friend. Yes you can make friends it is no rocket science, but make sure what kind of influence they have over you. If you have a constant fear of missing out or peer pressure its best to not get involved with such people.

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