Girlfriend Ranked From Nastiest To Best According to Zodiac Signs

Girlfriend ranked from worst to best

You need to agree on the variety of experience you have had with different types of girls. In this blog, we have a prediction of the personality traits of the woman of each Zodiac Sign. Further, the content aims at ranking the qualities of the different type of girlfriend on the basis of their zodiac sign.

At a certain point in life, we all look for a life partner. It is sturdy for us to figure out which individual would make a good companion with you.

Finding a soul mate is tough these days. However, in the dating game, you can make sure everything goes amazing if you have a little bit of knowledge of the personality traits of a person. zodiac signs don’t define a person completely. However, it gives you a subtle and sure hint of a person.

Read ahead to know the woman with which Zodiac Sign would be the perfect romantic match for you-

12- Virgo (23rd August to 22nd September) Earth Sign

Virgos women are the type of women you consider twice before dating.

A Virgo woman is hardworking, trustworthy, and practical. She doesn’t prefer too much attention. She is independent and enjoys the solitude. Virgo is an Earth sign. Such women are generous yet frugal. She often runs too much after perfection.

Her confident and clever outer shell covers her insecurity which makes her lead a different type of social and personal life. She is easily jealous and she wants to know every small move of her partner.

11- Scorpio (23rd October to 21st November) Water Sign

Scorpio woman is often icy and dominating.

A Scorpion woman is mostly disliked because of her honest opinion. She keeps her emotions in guard and doesn’t allow much of the romantic feelings. However, her cold exterior hides soft feelings. She just guards her emotions in order to protect herself from the heartaches.

Scorpion woman

A man has to raise the wall of trust around a Scorpion woman to make her fall for him because she doesn’t settle for anything less than she believes she deserves.

10 – Aries (21st March to 19th April) Fire Sign

The passion of an Aries is the best thing if you look at her. Nonetheless, too much intensity in a relationship kills the happy vibe.

With an Aries woman, your relationship may travel numerous rough phases. Aries woman is like a dragon. When you bow to their strength and spirit, you’ll find yourself in a safe & loved position.

The stubborn attitude amalgamated with impulsive reaction creates issues.  

9- Taurus (20th April to 20th May) EarthSign

If you have ever been with a Taurus woman, you’d know how it feels to sit along with a munificent person. However, she knows what she deserves and she doesn’t compromise on that.

A Taurus girlfriend is shy and patient. Nonetheless, you can depend on her for anything. She is independent and she will always make you look on the bright side of life.

People often say Taurus women are not made for falling in love. We tell you to never believe in it. She might be moody at times and sound cold. However, she is a woman of her own beats and all you need is to make her learn your worth.

8- Cancer (21st June to 22nd July) Water Sign

Typically most of the Cancerians are artists. You must date a Cancerian at least once or how else you’d become a poem, or a painting, or a song, or a Joke.

Cancerians have a big heart. These energetic personalities are sensitive artists in delineate of a strong person.

Cancerians are artists

A Cancerian woman is very sensitive and it is very easy to hurt her. She often doesn’t allow people to come close. Even in the case of friendship, a person needs to win her heart and trust completely to be friends with her.

She is not an open person. However, once you win her heart, you’d receive an enduring shower of fondness and care. A Cancerian doesn’t allow herself to mingle with people easily. So, when you date a Cancerian woman, consider yourself lucky.

7 – Leo (23rd July to 22nd August) Fire Sign

A Leo woman has unusual expectations. Don’t mind but she is a little dominant.

Nonetheless, you’d find a soul mate in that fierce personality. A Leo girlfriend is a woman of her words. She’d do anything to fulfill the promises she makes. You’ll never miss the magical touch in life because a Leo would draw the enchanting romantic outline all around you.

Leo women are kind, supportive, optimistic, and energetic. She will help you run for your dreams. Nevertheless, she’d always allow staying on the couch all day because of her lazy nature.

6 – Aquarius (20th January to 18th February) Air Sign

An Aquarius woman is independent, loyal, and intelligent.

The only problem with Aquarius girlfriends is you’ll need to put continuous efforts to keep your relationship sparkling. In the form of an Aquarius woman, you’d receive an eccentric persona.

An Aquarius girlfriend would read a lot commonly and tell you thousands of stories. She is often dramatic because she is dynamic and would never let your life have a lack of entertainment.

An Aquarius woman is one of the overthinkers and might need a shoulder to deal with the sorrows. She needs a partner to understand her better, but isn’t it something we all need?

5 – Sagittarius (22nd November to 21st December) Fire Sign

Sagittarius women are positive and yet very straight forward.

She is a type of girlfriend who’d take you to adventurous trips. A Sagittarius woman makes the best girlfriend because she is generous & friendly and she’ll never end on putting efforts to make your life better. She will cheer you up in your tough days and dance with you in the happy evenings.


A Sagittarian woman has in her vein to put the need of others before her. She will always make you feel better about yourself and bring out the best of your versions.

4 – Libra (23rd September to 22nd October) Air Sign

Regardless of how hard you try, you’ll not be able to save yourself from falling for a romantic and charismatic personality like Libra.

She is a free spirit in the cover of a heartwarming soft tone. A relationship with a Libra woman can never go wrong. She’d always make a perfect balance in your life among everything. Also, she’d compliment your love life with sweet little surprises often.

Libra girlfriend are a perfect friend that you could pray for and a perfect girlfriend who’d often take you for magical rides around the hidden corners of your city.

However, her carefree nature doesn’t allow harm to her self-respect. You need to be extra careful about your words around her. She is a long term & loyal partner that people wish for.

3- Capricorn (22nd December to 19th January) Earth Sign

How wouldn’t someone fall for those wise and shy eyes? Capricorn, being an Earth sign is extremely down to earth personality.

A Capricorn woman would comfort and defend you. She’d always come with her 100% efforts to make the relationship grow better day by day.

With her, you will never get a sense of insecure feelings because Capricorn people always gift loyalty and stability to their partner. Alongside this, she’d always be thankful for your love and companionship.

However, you cannot expect a person to be perfect. She might feel low at some points of time in life. In such a situation, you’ll need to lift up her spirit so that you could be a deserving partner as well.

The ambitious, patient and practical nature of a Capricorn girlfriend makes them the least complicated lover which is almost a blessing in this contemporary era.

2- Pisces (19th February to 20th March) Water Sign

First of all, she is very shy. She needs time to build up trust for opening up and talking about her real feelings. Also, you can not expect out of her to make the first move.


Relax! With a suitable amount of time, she mingles very well. All you need is a little extra effort to come close to that well-guarded heart. A Pisces girlfriend is kind, sensitive, compassionate, and selfless.

Pisces is water sign so when you put water with your entire endeavor, it contents your life in every possible way.

When you connect to her over the shyness, you canvas the true love. In return, you stumble upon an enduring treasure of love and when you need her, she’d fight the world with you side by side.

1 – Gemini (21st May to 20th June) Air Sign

There are typically two sides of every woman. One is soft, positive, caring, enthusiastic, and adjustable and the other side is intellectual and witty.

Gemini girlfriends are a blend of positive energy and free spirit. Gemini is an Air sign; there is no wonder where her carefree nature comes from. She is outgoing and talkative. Also, she accepts every part of your behavioral trait. She believes in holding supreme value for love, emotions, loyalty, and care.

However, one must not underestimate the dark side of a human. Here, we are not trying to scare you but Geminis commonly have two personalities, i.e., both positive and negative.

They neither break heart nor allow others to break. Once Gemini girlfriend notices the fakeness in behavior, she cuts off people like they never happened to exist. These were some outlined details about girlfriend’s based on zodiac sign.

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