Guru Chandal Dosha: Effects and Remedies 

Guru Chandal Dosha Effects and Remedies 

When there is a combination of Jupiter and Rahu or Ketu in the birth chart Chandal dosh is formed. Jupiter is known as Guru in Vedic astrology, hence this dosha is also known as Guru Chandal Dosha. This planet plays a dominant role in making this situation in your horoscope. This situation causes you many problems but in cases where Jupiter and Ketu are in a favorable position many beneficial things can happen.

When an auspicious combination of Jupiter and Ketu is formed it is called Ganesh Yoga.

Effects of the Guru Chandal Dosha

  • The person with this combination will face problems in education and career.
  • There will be constant financial issues.
  • It will be difficult to get an inheritance.
  • There will be constant health problems like hypertension, asthma, jaundice, constipation and liver functioning, etc.
  • Father and son will have constant disagreements. There will be fights in their family and which will be the cause of lack of peace.
  • The person will face difficulty in taking decisions and will not be able to take an individual stand.
  • The person will try to achieve success by trying different things but will never get specialized in one.
  • This combination can attract a person towards negative energies.
  • The person will be blamed for scandals and can even go for trials and in jail because of that.

Effect of Guru Chandal in different houses of your birth chart

1st House

The first house of the birth chart is called ascendant. When Guru Chandal happens in the first house of the horoscope, the person’s character will always be questioned. His morals will not be trustworthy. He will belong from a healthy and rich family but will still have ill-qualities like greedy and selfish nature. He will not be a religious person and will have less interest in spirituality.

If Jupiter is favorably placed then the person will be intelligent with good mannered behavior.

2nd House

Weak Jupiter in the second house will make a person stressed. He will be indulged in a constant fight with his family members. There might be financial losses in his career.

Dominant Jupiter will make the person wealthy, rich, and successful. He will live a prosperous life.

3rd House

A combination in 3rd house will make the person a good leader. He will be full of audacity. If Jupiter in the house is afflicted by Mars then this would result in making a person blunt, scandalous, and very outspoken.

4th House

Weak Jupiter in the fourth house will result in many family disputes and a lack of peace in life. There will be issues with health. Strong Jupiter will bring prosperous property and house in the life of the person.

5th House

Guru Chandal in the 5th house will make a person educated and wise. This combination can also make his children successful. Weak Jupiter in the house can be very malefic. It can bring issues in raising the person’s children.

6th House

Dominant Jupiter can make a person wealthy and prosperous. This can also make his career very successful. Weak Jupiter brings out the possibility of a person defaming his religion. He will be in constant disagreement with his family.

7th House

Marital life is affected hazardously due to Guru Chandal which can amplify in its ill effect if no other beneficial planet is present in this house.

8th House

Guru Chandal in the 8th house of the birth chart can make a person’s health weak. He will undergo many surgeries, injuries, and accidents.

9th House

Dominant and favorable Jupiter in this house will make a person very wealthy and successful. Weak Jupiter can cause a problem in relation to his father and he will never get success easily in life in whatever work he undertakes.

10th House

This house will make him have wealth, money, and a successful career. He will lack morally in his manners and ethics.

11th House

The guru Chandal is favorable in the 11th house. The person with this Chandal in the 11th house will be very rich. He will earn money from different sources. He will get a rich inheritance.

12th House

The person’s thoughts will be very different from his family. He will go against his family criticizing his own religion and also his own caste. This can bring him disrespect from his family.

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Remedies for Guru Chandal dosha

  • Donate coins and Mehendi to the poor.
  • Feed cows on Thursday with chapatis made of 5kg flour and 1kg jaggery.
  • Worship goddess Laxmi with Akhand Diya for 11 days. After 11 days, feed 11 girls and donate them Mehendi.
  • In front of Tulsi plant, in house, light up ghee Diya.
  • If there is a problem in earning then tie a knot In the branch of a banyan tree and untie it after having good results.

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