Hidden Mystery Behind Your Ruling Planet & Zodiac Sign

Ruling Planets

According to Vedic Astrology, every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet. These planets play a very important role in shaping the life of an individual. Our personality, traits, behaviour, all depends on our zodiac sign which is somehow related to our ruling planet. In fact, our ruling planet holds a secret key to our character and zodiac sign. Moreover, our personality is equally influenced by the planet that rules over our Zodiac sign.

Every sun sign is ruled by one or two planets that describes the overall personality of an individual. Basically our personality, traits is a blend of our zodiac sign and the planets that rule over it. So, in this context lets talk about how your ruling affects your zodiac and what exactly is the mystery behind it.


Ruling planet: Mars

Mars is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign “Aries“. Mars is all about energy, passion, competition, conflict and courage. Ancient Romans were so admired by the Mars that they even named a month after him “March”.As Aries, you are driven by a strong sense of purpose and courageous in your endeavours.

These people are very confident and will do anything to achieve what they want. Mars with red hot ambition makes Aries quite sparkling and sometimes a bit aggressive too.

Planets and Zodiac sign


Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign “Taurus”. Venus is all about beauty, drift towards love, luxurious things and pleasure. According to Ancient Mythology, planet Venus represents love, sex, charm, wealth as well as military victories.

As Taurus, you are very romantic and heart and more extremely attractive to the people of the opposite gender. These people take relationships seriously and the commitments they make, they always stick to that.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mercury is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign “Gemini”. Mercury is the messenger of God and rules over our communication. According to Ancient Mythology, Mercury was known as the “guide of souls.”

As Taurus, your soul is your strength and with your communication skills, you can impress anyone. These people are mentally very strong, intelligent and are masters in planning things. You are a quick learner and witty, a gift showered on you by your ruling planet Mercury.


Ruling Planet: Moon

Moon is the ruling planet of the Zodiac sign “Cancer.” According to Roman Mythology, Luna is the moon Goddess that posses huge power and unnatural behaviour during the full moon. With the moon as your ruling planet, it means that you are highly emotional and sometimes you can also sink into depression.

As a Cancerian, you are a very emotional person, more attached to your family, sensitive and more in touch with your inner soul. You want attention and care all the time which makes you quite restless and possessive too. It’s the moon that helps you to understand your deepest feelings.


Ruling Planet: Sun

Sun is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign “Leo”. Sun is the most powerful planet in our solar system and all other planets revolve around it. It is the father of the Universe life creator and growth promoter. Like Moon rules over emotions, Sun rules over our subconscious mind.

As Leo, you are very lucky that you are ruled by the mighty Sun as it represents wisdom and strength. These people always become the centre of attraction things and have the power to make others according to them. You are the leader of your kingdom and your wisdom is all that makes you are masterpiece.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo is another Zodiac sign that is ruled by Mercury after Gemini. As discussed above, Mercury is the messenger of God and is all related to your inner strength and communication skills. Likewise, Gemini, these people are also mentally very strong who can convince anyone with their excellent communication skills.

Effect of ruling planets


Ruling Planet: Venus

Libra is the another Zodiac that is ruled by planet Venus after Taurus. Likewise Taurus, these people are also very charming and love to create a peaceful environment all around them. As Venus is the planet of love, these people are very ideal lovers and more diverted towards artistic things such as music, painting, poetry, etc.


Ruling Planet: Mars

Mars is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign “Scorpio”. As discussed above Mars is the planet of passion, energy, competition, and aggression. Mars is a red hot planet that gives you a very strong ambition to succeed in achieving your dreams.

Like Scorpio, you are very passionate and you will never give up until you achieve what you want. However, these people have a very bad temper and get very angry if things don’t work according to them. Try to be more mindful and channelize your energy in a proper and much efficient way.


Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign “Sagittarius”. Jupiter is the ruler of Gods and sky and is the largest of all the planets. It is the planet of luck, fortune, and finance. It is the planet that can make you a hero by helping you come over the odd times and then prove yourself in a very efficient way.

As Sagittarius, you are very enthusiastic, adventurous and more focused towards your goal. These people are very lucky in terms of wealth and money related matters and spend most of their income on charities. Their luck always favours them in any situation as blessed by the planet Jupiter.


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Saturn is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign “Capricorn”. Saturn is the taskmaster and is often called the planetary ruler of Capricorn. It is a planet that teaches you discipline and brings maturity to your personality. Saturn is all about climbing high and reaching to new limits of success.

As Capricorn, you are likely to feel more motivated and focused on your aim. These people think big and always focus on the positive aspect of life. Saturn is a teacher and that why Capricorn is all about learning life lessons.

effect of zodiac signs


Ruling Planet: Uranus

Uranus is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign “Aquarius”. In mythology, Uranus was the son of Gaia, and together they became parents to the Titans. Uranus represents unexpected changes in people. However, it is more related to your subconscious mind.

As Aquarius, you may inherit certain changes within you that can be both negative or positive. These people tend to be more independent, sharp and sometimes a bit sarcastic too. They adjust accordingly and keep their wits about them without thinking about others.


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Another sign ruled by Saturn after Capricorn. As discussed above, Saturn is the taskmaster. It is a planet of discipline and a teacher who can motivate you in reaching new heights of success.

As a Pisces, Your foresightedness and unique abilities could inflate your ego and you might indulge in self-glorification, intimidating people around. However, you can the power to create your own imaginary world in which you might be a teacher, helping people.

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