Holiday season 2019- Plan Trip to these Unexplored Beauties this year

Holiday season 2019- Plan Trip to these Unexplored Beauties this year

People often say Switzerland is where heaven falls on earth. I don’t believe that God’s that biased to leave a colorful country like India when it comes to bestowing natural beauty. I can give a list of places with alluring beauty in every corner of India. Among those exciting places, we’ve all heard the name of Manali, Kashmir, Kasol and Mussoorie. Indeed these places are a part of nature’s lure. However, these places observe a great number of people every year. People have different motives behind traveling. Some travel for fun, some are addicted to being at new places, on the other hand, some search for peace and piece of their real selves. For such people, the unexplored places of India are the best option. As the Holiday Season, 2019 is already making people highly excited and Christmas 2019 with the new year 2020 is already here. Thus, if you also have an intense longing to get rid of the monotonous life-cycle and chillax amid breeze and snow, then you’re at the right spot.

Here are some unexplored places in India that you must visit once in a lifetime.

Trip to Kanatal

38km ahead of the Mussoorie, the queen of hills, a beautiful town Kanatal in Uttarakhand till this very date, remains unheard and untouched by uncountable people. Therefore, it gives people a bliss of the freshness in nature. Kanatal a kind of place that most people have not been to.

Perks of Visiting Kanatal

  • You can take a deep sight of Mussoorie and its grace.
  • Dhanaulti, one of the most beautiful and snowy places in Uttarakhand falls on the way to Kanatal which allows you to take a quick look at this area. Also, its lure may convince you to stay here for a while.
  • The easiest way to reach Kanatal is by taking a cab from Mussoorie. Thus, you enjoy a 38 km long drive in beautiful hills.
Trip to Kanatal

Be it extreme events like valley crossing and rock climbing or simply driving through the beautiful trees along with soothing air, Kanatal doesn’t disappoint anybody.

So where are you? Because Plentiful serene dwellings, camp, bonfire, new people and delectable Pahadi food waits for you to take a trip to Kanatal.

Trip to Chakrata

About 7000 above from the sea level and 335.5km away from Delhi, located Chakrata is an ideal location for roaming, mountain climbing, trekking, and skiing. From a couple to a squad, Chakrata is an impeccable plan for all nature enthusiasts.

As a matter of fact, the best time to visit Chakrata varies from one person to another.

Holiday season 2019

From the top view of 10,000 ft. high Kharamba Peak for the daredevils to the clean & pure Tiger Fall for water-babies Chakrata feeds the soul of a person in search of tranquillity and nature.

Perks of Visiting Chakrata

  • A well-invested vacation in the valley of Uttarakhand.
  • It is not located quite far from Delhi, thus, it is an ideal weekend getaway from a stressful professional life.

Trip to Ziro

Holding a great heritage value of the land of dawn-lit mountains, Arunanchal Pradesh, Ziro is a paradise for people seeking the calm in the arms of nature in Holiday season 2019.

Whether long or short but come here for a vacation. Ziro is a valley in Arunanchal Pradesh that is gradually coming to its proper existence for the tourism spots in India. In addition, now for years, Ziro has been a favorite town for World Heritage Site.

Holiday season 2019

Perks of Visiting Ziro

  • It offers you a chance to get familiar with the rarely known traditions of your own country.
  • You get a clear view of Balmy weather, wildlife, and rural culture.

Trip to Harsil

Not a comparison but Harsil is a mini Switzerland hidden in the lap of Uttarakhand untouched by so many people. It is a perfect destination for people seeking a peaceful vacation in the Holiday season 2019. Especially for the Millenials with religious faith, it is a must-visit Hindu pilgrimage spot on the bank of Bhagirathi River.

Harsil is a destination 463 kilometers from Delhi. Therefore, it makes a perfect choice for the long weekend getaways on New Year 2020.

Holiday season 2019

Moreover, for adventure-junkies and brave hearts, extreme sports like trekking, Mountaineering, and River Rafting it is a perfect underbudget pick.

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