How should a Taurus select their partner?

Taurus dating tips

The bulls of the zodiac jungle are both graceful and diligent. The second astrological sign in the modern zodiac, they are ruled by Venus. Sensuality comes naturally to them, this earth element zodiac has an innate regality to them. They value honesty and loyalty above all else. While they can often be very stubborn and headstrong, they make some of the most attentive listeners. Taurus are the rulers of the second house of material possessions and pleasures. They can often be lazy but make up for it with how dependable they are. 

Being star-studded with so many qualities does increase Tauru’s expectations, especially when it comes to dating. And while expectations can be a lengthy script in itself, but then there are some hand-picked qualities that a Taurus must always watch to look for in the other person when looking forward to dating them. 

1. Someone who values loyalty


Taurus moves into a relationship looking for full honesty and loyalty. They are not ones who are satisfied with flings and expect some dependability from their partners, right from the inception of a relationship. Signs like Libra and Sagittarius often do not commit quickly and so a Taurus might want to avoid that. Instead look for signs that are able to stand up to their commitments, like a dependable Virgo or even a fellow Taurus. Sparks do fly when horns lock.     

2. Someone romantic


Taurus is sensual in nature, open to experiment and has an appreciation for finer things in life. Since they are ruled by Venus they love to be wooed. Their romantic nature has to be appeased and nothing is more desirable to them. In that sense, they should look for the obvious romantics of the zodiac. While Libras and Leos are incredibly romantic, they do not match up to the other expectations of a Taurus. A Pisces or a fellow Taurus will be much more perfect since they are both romantic and still committed and dependable.

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3. Someone who is not lethargic


While Taurus can be lazy, it is not always true. They are lazy or relaxed on their own time, in fact when something needs to be done there is no one better than a Taurus to take care of it. They are very active when it comes to their work and they look for someone who is similar to them in this manner. If they do not share the same energy in this manner, conflicts might arise quickly. A Scorpio or Virgo is hence absolutely perfect for them because they both have an immaculate work ethic that Taurus can be comfortable with.

4. Someone who does not push them too hard


The bulls of the zodiac are very content signs, they are comfortable with what they have and find joy in their current arrangement. They do not look forward to change and if anything they despise it. They must make sure they have partners who do not push them too hard for change. Signs like Gemini and Sagittarius love constant change and hence will find it very hard to settle with a Taurus. Instead, a Virgo or fellow Taurus is a much more acceptable pairing in this context. 

5. Look for someone easy going


Taurus is a very stubborn sign. They are headstrong and very specific about their standards. Taurus know what they want or do not want and refuse to settle for anything less. They are set in their ways and so need someone who can accept that. If they are met with someone who is just as strong-minded as them, the conflict will not be rare. Pisces will be perfect for them in this context since they are not as strong-minded as a Taurus. The appreciative and affectionate nature of the Pisces will also help Taurus learn to take themselves less seriously.

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6. Someone who admires stability


Stability is one of the things that a Taurus admires and is attracted to more than anything else. They always want to look for someone who bears stability and is just as dependable as they are. One of the many reasons they will not like an Aquarius, Sagittarius or Aries. Instead, they should look for a Virgo, Capricorn or Scorpio all admirably stable signs.

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