Astrology Today- Impact of the solar system on human life

Astrology today impact in human life

Individuals are related to the planets and stars that surround them and are also are a component of them. The deepest and closest connection people have is to the planets in the solar system.

There are four forces: gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear-strong, as well as nuclear-weak. EM and gravity affect things over distances. So, if the Earth and also stars have any straight impact on human life, it must be by way of one or both of those forces in the astrology today

“There is life all over this universe, but the only life in the solar system is on earth, and in the whole universe, we are the only men.”

-George Wold
Astrology - solar system

Ether concept in astrology today

The first consideration is the “ether concept.” It stated that ‘ether is a global force inherent forming the “space.” Research has revealed compelling evidence based on plasma physics. Scientific investigation of an area as an electric field is, charged as well as put on hold. Stones, crystals, metals, air, water, fire, Akash, ourselves, all consists of power.

It is this power, which permits every little thing in this universe to function. This power source is past religion, past concept or description.

The positioning of Planets, Moons, and Stars

Earth experiences rich planetic impacts of sun, moon Space Radiation through gravitational pressure. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. and pseudo-planets (according to Hindu astrology) also impact us. Rahu and Ketu (Moon’s north god and south god) also affect us. This is not a belief, but a fact as well as reality. 

Moon has implications on our ambiance and also hydrosphere. Science has accepted this too. Hydrosphere experiences tides during the Moon and new moon days, impacting the Atmosphere. This, in turn, affects people (as the human body consists of about 90% water). Moisture in the environment creates some issues for people.

The power from different planets has various effects on humanity, plant and pet life. Scientific research said that some products have the property to draw in or repel other materials. These depend upon the size, distance as well as residential property.

Astrological moon and stars

In the past, individuals observed that the majority of stars were fixed about each other. They called these stars “dealt with”. Finding that there were five visible stars, it was realized that they were rotating about a planet in a slimline.

This line, called the ecliptic, loopholes around the Earth at a particular angle. It also passes by the Sun, the Moon and the five noticeable stars. 

Astrologers split the belt of the ecliptic into 12 sections. They named each one of them after the fixed stars’ constellations that they observed. They name some after animals, which explains the energy, rising from each constellation. Hence, the Zodiac was born.

Horoscopes and Zodiac Signs in Astrology Today

Men observed that when Earth goes through a specific section of the Zodiac, it triggers particular events. Infants born during the phase share the same features. In the constant follow through the ecliptic, the world moves from one indicator of the Zodiac to another. After some amount of time they “return” to the same sign where they were before. 

Children are born every month. During the time, when a particular planet is going through a specific sign of the Zodiac, they reveal comparable qualities. These relate to the domain ruled by this planet. As all change is the result of activity, three movements are thought.

First, the Earth completes one revolution around the Sun in one year. Second, Moon completes one revolution around the Earth, which in one month. Third, the Earth achieves turning upon its axis in one day. 

Everything draws in every other object proportional to its mass and based on the range. For this reason, the Sun has a stronger influence on Mercury than upon Mars. It has a more, impact upon Venus than upon Mars, Jupiter, and more upon Saturn than upon Uranus. Earth alters loved one position from time to time. The proportion of their vibrations and specific reverberations become stronger, while others lower down.

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Time of Birth and Position Of Planets and Stars

People influenced by their birth times and also locations (longitude/ latitude). For instance, Mercury is the planet that rules the mind as well as communications. In the Greek folklore, Mercury, represented by Hermes, who is always portrayed as the “winged messenger” of God. He is the intermediate, the one conducting the interaction between Gods and humans. 

Venus is the planet ruling the harmony, unison and love between individuals. Greeks called her Aphrodite, the Siren of love – suitable, acquainted and also sexual. 

Each world acts as a reflector for among the seven dominant rays of the Sun. After their cycle of differentiation has finished, they again gather up. They also unite in the one terrific white light called cosmic energy. 

There has been a great deal of study into astrological sensations. The time of birth determines the nature and strength of the vibrations. These vibrations appear in your mental, moral, spiritual, and also physical features.

They show the personality, environment, and opportunities which you will experience and present a measure of possibilities. There is no rejection of the self-determination or free choice. You might use the characteristics offered to you at birth, or alter them as you will.

Time of Birth and Position Of Planets


The accuracy of a horoscope depends on the power of interpretation of the astrologer. If individuals consider the power of analysis of the astrology today(who can predict up to a maximum of 30% accuracy) as 1, then to get a 100 % exact response, the power of analysis would need to be 1000 times the power of interpretation.

The spiritual method can enhance the ability of analysis and intuition. 65% of our lives are predestined in this present era. If people use 35% of our free will to do the religious technique, people can get rid of our fate.

As mentioned above, planets more like celestial bodies and you may also like to read about Grahan Yog- Impact in Each House.

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