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Story Of A Fellow Astrologer On His Online Earning

This is the story of a fellow Astrologer – Mridul, who is working with us at Astrotalk and is the Best Astrologer in Lucknow & the most followed Astrologer Online.

When we just launched Astrotalk in 2017, we were looking to onboard famous Astrologers on our Panel and I would call them to take the interview. Mridul was one of the first few astrologers we registered and when I recall the conversation we had that day, I can’t stop smiling.

I took his astrological interview and he managed to predict everything about my past and then I asked about one more person, and he passed with flying colours. He was so confident in his speech with such a sweet voice and would speak in pure Hindi. I thought he would be very expensive and I wanted to keep the price very low in the beginning.

So, I asked him what is the per-minute price you will charge? (Business Model – Customers can speak to an Astrologer for any length and they are charged on the basis of per-minute charges of Astrologer. And we take a cut from it)

He couldn’t understand the units of payment, so he requested a fixed monthly salary of INR 15000 (USD 200). He then tried to sell his proposition by telling me how much experience he has in the field of Astrology. He told me he earns about INR 400–600 daily by seeing the natal charts/ Kundli of people offline and has about 50 customers who seek his help regularly through phone call or a visit. I was quite impressed with those numbers and his personality.

I did my maths and realised we could easily give him a business of 15,000 a month but I was not ready to take that risk as we had to hire about 20 Astrologers at that time. So, I honestly explained to him my thought process and requested him to work on a commission basis.

Mridul said, ”Although I have an offer of INR 15000 from another company which is bigger than yours, I would like to join you for 2 reasons:

  • I have seen your chart which says you are the future of this industry. And I matched it with my chart and it shows a very healthy partnership
  • I have spoken to many companies but no one spoke to me with so much respect and a brahman needs respect over everything else”

I was excited to know his decision to join us and I quickly asked about his preferred per-minute charges. And he answered very innocently, “Gupta ji, you know about your business, so please keep my charges as per your understanding but kindly make sure I earn INR 15000 pm as I require this much to run my family”

He was staying in a small 1 room set with his wife and children and would make just enough to survive in Lucknow. Although he was quite famous in his town, people would hardly pay him, as Astrologers were not given that kind of monetary respect. For a moment I thought, what would be the metrics to put a price tag on someone who can solve your life problems, and I got no answer. So, I kept his price as the average value of all the astrologers I had recruited because only a random number could have answered my question.

Fast forward to 2020…

His price is Rs 30 per minute and he does a business of about INR 350,000 (USD 5000) per month. Now, he has followers all across the globe and is in so much demand that people queue up to get an appointment with him. He has served more than 19,000 customers in the last 2 years and is the most popular astrologer on our panel.

Because the people of his town did not value him much (in terms of payment), he thought his value was INR 15000 per month. Now, when he got a platform to showcase his skill set to the world, he has proved he is valued more than the people who have studied from the top colleges like IITs and IIMs.

Elon Musk once said, “You are paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve.”

He is valued so much today because he is solving the problem which matters the most to all of us, our own personal life problems. If he can solve career, love & marriage problems of people by reading their birth chart, he is above a lot of top professionals of the world.

Wish you all the best, Mridul Ji 🙂

You may connect with him & contribute to his earning 😀 by clicking here

Top Astrologer on Astrotalk earns INR 84 LPA! Who would have thought that chatting with an Astrologer online had so much potential? Online Astrology Consultation business has been booming and with COVID-19 pandemic, it has hit the roof.


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