How the stars affect your sleep? Read Here

How the stars affect your sleep

After a long hectic day, what everyone desires is a lush space and a cozy bed to sleep on. When you are fully prepared for a sound nap and then you realize you are feeling restless. Nothing could be more frustrating than this. Sleep is what helps us maintain harmony and balance. But, do you know it is not only your schedule but your stars too that affect your sleep? Continue reading to learn more.

The Role of the Sun

There are twenty-four hours present in a day and twelve houses in an astrological chart. This signifies the Sun spends about two hours in every cycle of twenty-four hours. Every house in the astrological chart has a unique significance. The fourth house is symbolic of deep, internal, and subconscious. Almost at midnight, the Sun transverses through the fourth house of one’s astrological chart. This may be responsible for the sleeplessness.

As the night progresses, the Sun enters the third house which is the cause of restlessness that we all feel at midnight. The domains of the third house are communication, soaking up information, and feats of mind. Sometimes, you might have felt a stroke of genius near midnight. It is the outcome of the Sun’s dance through the house of mental activity. When the sun dips below the horizon in the evening, it still plays a part in our sleep.

The light of the Moon

The calm and composed Moon is studied for centuries. It is instrumental in bringing tides in the ocean, the cycle of women, the growth of crops, and the mood of mankind. The full moon reflects the time of grievances of the past month. The grievances can be felt spilling out of ourselves to heal our wounds and build a new room for fresh experiences as such emotional work leads to mental chaos.

The full moon is important in our sleep cycle too. Like a restless child, it makes one feel difficult laying in bed. When the full moon’s luminescence peeks through your window, it illuminates the entire room. It signifies the time has come to break out those blackout curtains. Merely, the light of the moon is not responsible for your restless nights when you want a peaceful one. Moreover, the moon signifies our deep realm, the mysterious, and the subconscious within ourselves. In addition, the phases of the moon contribute a lot more than just the tides of the ocean, they are responsible for creating an ebb and flow to our sleep cycle as well.

Mercury and your sleep

Mercury is the one that rules communication and has a strong bond with our brains. If you have ever been a sufferer of Mercury retrograde, then you might be aware of its devastating effects. Apart from keeping you up at night, the Mercury can also one’s sleep to suffer. Next time, if you could sense the Mercury retrograde on you, don’t forget to stock up valerian root and chamomile tea.


No longer considered a planet of Solar System, Pluto still plays a role in your sleep. Pluto is believed to be entangled with the sleep and especially in our dream space. Dreams are a combination of our real life and our subconscious, a place where the word impossible doesn’t exist. To interpret your dreams better, make sure to look at the placement of Pluto in your chart.

The Stars and sleep

Your star signs are responsible for your sleep as well. Aries need a little sleep when compared to the Taurus personalities. The Taurus holds the ability to happily sleep all day. Talking about Geminis, they might prefer a sleep break after accomplishing little tasks. Moody cancer might love to crawl into the bed whenever upset. Leos love to sleep like a lion while Virgo will not compromise at any cost with their eight-hour schedule.

Libras love balance while Scorpio is too unpredictable to keep balance. Sagittarians have the ability to sleep anytime, anywhere. The Capricorns need comfort for a sound sleep. The Aquarius is the early birds while the Pisces is too moody and does everything accordingly.

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