How To Make A ‘Vedic Rakhi’ In 3 Simple Steps

Materialism has simply got us handpicking the most glaring and eye-pleasing products from the market. But some things are best used for their traditional authenticity. And that one thing, this year, could be a vedic rakhi. Never heard of it, right? Well, this year you would; and maybe also use it for yourself.

During ancient times, when there were no shops, of course, the tradition was that sisters should tie rakhi made by ancient method on the brother’s wrist. The rakhi made by vedic method is called Rakshasutra

So taking a toll back in time, we would relook at how one can make a vedic rakhi this year to finally celebrate the festival as it should be.

How to make a vedic rakhi

Interestingly, one doesn’t need to find any sort of jadibuti to make vedic rakhi at home. The process of making a vedic rakhi is pretty simple and the ingredients to make one could be found around the home. 

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In total, one needs five ingredients to make rakhi at home. And these would be – Durva, i.e. Doob, which you can also call grass, Akshat, i.e. Rice, Sandalwood, Mustard and Saffron. Apart from these ingredients, you can also place turmeric, kodi and gomti chakra. Once the ingredients are ready, put them in a silk cloth, sew it, and thread it in the kalav. And that’s it. You have your vedic rakhi ready.

Vedic rakhi mantra

You may also recite a vedic mantra as you make the rakhi to attract positive energies. This vedic mantra is:

येन बद्धो बली राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबल:।
तेन त्वां अभिबद्धनामि रक्षे मा चल मा चल।।

The meaning of this mantra is – I am tying you with the same Rakshasutra with which Mahabali, Mahadani King Bali was tied. O defense thread, you should not be moving, but remain stable on it. This rakshasutra can be tied by the priest to the king, by the brahmin to the host, by the sister to the brother, by the mother to the son and by the wife to the husband.

Significance of vedic rakhi

Besides the spiritual benefits, this rakhi also has many health benefits. As per our astrologers, tying Rakshasutra on the wrist of an individual during the Sawan season develops immunity and helps them in fighting infectious diseases. Along with this, this Rakshasutra also transmits positive energies and makes us less prone to stress.

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Each and every item used to make this rakhi has some significance and denotes something. For example, Durva i.e. the Dob grows on its own. Thus using it ensures the progress and lineage of your brother. Saffron is bright and brings radiance of spirituality in life. Meanwhile, Sandalwood is a symbol of coolness and peace. And its use in Rakhi brings peace and comfort to an individual’s life.

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