How To Start Your Day According To Astrology

How To Start Your Day According To Astrology

Having a good start of a day is very crucial. When you kick your day with positive vibes and a healthy attitude, it can make you prosper. Starting your day with an astrological tip can bring immense luck in your life. You can make your day auspicious simply following easy steps. There are plenty of ways through with you can get over hurdles in your astrological chart under the guidance of an expert. But for practicing an enhancing technique through astrology, you simply have to follow the following tips.


Ruler of Monday is Lord Shiva. If you receive his blessing, you can experience success in whatever task you are planning to do. To make sure that your day is full of luck, you can religiously offer water to shiv linga. Wearing white clothes will bring positivity in your thoughts. Start your day by consuming honey.

AVOID: Wearing dark color clothes.


Ruler of Tuesday is Lord Hanuman. Always try to wear a red-colored cloth on this day to receive the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa will give you strength and the ability to face challenges. You will get over any kind of hurdle if you religiously pray Hanuman Ji on this day.

AVOID: Washing your hair or cutting nails.


Ruler of Wednesday is Lord Ganesh. Whenever a person is about to bring a considerable change in his life, it is always recommended to pray Lord Ganesha and obtain his blessings. He is a sign of success and good luck. Starting your day with eating something sweet will channelize your energy in a good direction. Wear green color clothes.

AVOID: Involvement in unusual arguments.


Ruler of Thursday is Lord Vishnu. Someone having a problem in his love life or hurdles in maintain relationships with people, should sincerely pay attention to Thursday. If blessed by Lord Vishnu, a person can stay happily in his love life. Yellow color can make your day hurdle free. Wear yellow color clothes and eat something yellow before leaving the house. Also, have a bath with pink of turmeric in water.

AVOID: Eating Meat.


Ruler of Friday is Goddess Lakshmi. Friday will come with lots of wealth-related opportunities.  If a person wants to have a healthy financial life, then he should be particular about what he does on Friday. Worship Maa Lakshmi temple to seek her blessing. Eat yogurt to give start to lucky deeds during the day.

AVOID: Smashing mirror.


Ruler of Saturday is Shani Dev. This day can make you overcome every hurdle of your life. Blessings of Lord Shani can make a person achieve the heights of his career. But if a person has unfavorable positioning of Shani in his, it can even cause irreparable damages. Hence, praying lord Shani becomes crucial for a healthy life. Also, It is recommended to follow the advice of expert astrologers in the case of serving ill instances happening in one’s life. Donate oil in Shani Temple.

AVOID: When it comes to Saturday, there are many things you should take care of. Avoid having the following things to make Saturday harmless prosperous.

  • Mango Pickle
  • Milk Or Curd.
  • Red Lentils.
  • Red Chilli. … 
  • Alcohol. … 
  • Mustard Oil. … 
  • Black Sesame Seeds.


Ruler of Sunday is Lord Surya. He has an immense effect on a person’s life. If a person has blessings of Lord Surya then it can fight over any other hurdle present in his astrological chart. If there is an old dispute that has been disturbing you, Sunday is a great day to resolve it. Wearing white and maroon can bring prosperity.

AVOID: Consuming Garlic.

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