How your phone can bring you good luck and fortune?

How your phone can bring you good luck and fortune

It is rightly said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The invention of the smartphone was also a result of this. But today it is not merely our necessity, it has become life. It is the first thing one looks at, after waking up. Be it morning, evening, or night, we are mostly busy on this smart tool either binge-watching or listening songs. But, what if someone tells you your phone can bring you good luck? Yes, actually your phone can change your time for better and turn the wheel of fortune in your favor. In this article, we will learn, HOW?

Which passcode is lucky for you?

The passcode of one’s phone should be linked to one’s date of birth. If there’s a connection between the passcode of your locker or mobile with your birthdate, it is going to bring you luck and fortune for sure. Be it a five-digit or six-digit passcode, it’s total must be equal to the total of your date of birth.

On elaborating, considering one’s birthdate as 16 then his or her lucky number is 1+6=7. In this case, one must keep passcode which sums up to seven. Nature has blessed you with this number so, if you use and press this number daily then it turns the wheel of fortune in your favor.


It is something which we see a thousand times a day, so it creates a special place in one’s subconscious mind. One’s wallpaper represents his or her priorities. The wallpaper of family in one’s phone signifies his topmost priority is his family. Similarly, the wallpaper of yourself, on your phone, express you prioritize yourself above anything else. The home screen and lock screen wallpapers of one’s phone can unveil his or her secrets and priorities. The wallpaper directs your subconscious mind and can change things for better.

Hence, it is advised to keep the wallpaper accordingly. If success is your priority at the present moment, then you should use the picture of your office as the wallpaper. Similarly, if money is important, then you should use Goddess Lakshmi wallpaper as it is not merely about currency or money but also brings wealth and prosperity.

For fame, one should use rising sun wallpaper and for peace, the wallpaper of the sky is beneficial. The wallpaper of a running horse can increase your productivity while the wallpaper of flowers can bring happiness and good luck.

Your phone color can bring you good luck

One’s phone color can change one’s luck if associated with your lucky number. For number one, the red color phone is believed to bring good luck. Similarly, for number two-white color, for number three-yellow or golden color, for number four- shades of brown, for number five- shades of green, for number six- silver color, for number seven- grey color, for number eight- blue or black color and for number nine, red and golden color brings good luck, prosperity, and fortune.

Your display picture says a lot about you

The display picture of various social media platforms reflects one’s mind. The people who use quotes in their display picture shows the world what they are going through. The blurry picture or the one, shot from one’s back, reflects they don’t love in being the limelight. They feel most comfortable in their burrows. Covering one’s face in a picture, which has become more of a trend nowadays, shows the person has many complexes hidden inside and they are not much confident about their personality.

Similarly, using various filters in your display picture hides your true personality and beauty. The more filters you will use, the less confident you will become. Hence, it is strongly advised not to cover or experiment with your face in display pictures. Similarly, if you set your display picture with a dear friend of yours. It signifies his or her importance in your life and you actually care for them.

Phone Cover

One’s phone cover also says a lot about one’s personality. The black-colored phone cover signifies that a person loves keeping secrets. He or she is a mystery which is difficult to solve as they don’t speak their heart out easily. The red or pink-colored phone covers reflect one’s temperament. These individuals are very passionate and love to smile. However, they get irritated and angry about petty issues. Similarly, the one’s having shiny phone covers loves attention. You just need to give them a little attention and they will be happy for sure.

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