Hypnotization: The Science Behind


Today we will explore the term “Hypnotize“. What is hypnotize? How does this happen? And what is the scientific reason behind this?

Hypnotization is the action by which we can convince a person who is hypnotized. The imagination power of a hypnotized person reaches the highest level and their intellect starts working at a very fast pace. All knowledge centers become fully alert. The person who is hypnotized starts accepting all our things easily.

Now you can ask that when the hypnotized person’s intellect starts working intensely, then how can they obey a person without thinking? To get an answer to this question, we have to know about “mind”.

What is Mind?

You must know that all the functions of the human body are monitored and controlled by the nervous system. The brain controls most of the functions of the nervous system. But some nerves such as small intestine, large intestine, gastric do not have control of the brain, and they function autonomously. Just as the brain affects the activities of our body, similarly our mind affects the brain.

The mind is not part of our body. But all the senses of the body are subject to the mind. What is the difference between a madman and a wise man?

Both people have a brain, but the difference is only that of the mind. The mad person’s mind is distorted. This is just like the difference between a living and a dead human. The living man has a soul inside, and the dead man’s body has lost its soul.

The speed of the mind is the fastest. It can return to any corner of the universe in an instant. The mind can imagine and speculate about any subject of the universe and these fantasies give the imagination of human beings to do deeds. Time also cannot bind the mind. This characteristic of the mind has given rise to the practice of hypnotizing.

In fact, no person can do more than the imagination of the mind. Due to this, the mind has become fully involved in the physical world. When the hypnotist hypnotizes anyone, their mind starts to concentrate away from material resources. It increases their imaginations, and the hypnotized person plays whatever command is given.

There are 3 states of mind mentioned in psychology. These are:

1. Conscious mind

When we do an activity in an active state, then we call it a conscious mind. That is, our brain is fully functioning at that time. When we try to learn or do something for the first time, at that time our mind is fully conscious or fully active. All our attention is towards that work. This is the conscious mind.

2. Sub – Conscious mind

When we do something without fear or hesitation in which there is no pressure or hesitation of any kind, this is the subconscious mind. For example, when you learn to drive, then without fear and fear, you drive on any road, at that time there is no hesitation, this is the subconscious mind.

3. Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind is a pool of attention, thoughts, urges, and recollections that are outside of our conscious alertness. In this state, we do an activity in an inactive state of our mind. It includes unconsciousness as a particular habit, being unaware and instinct.

How To Hypnotize?

In hypnotization, a person is brought to sleep. When our conscious mind falls asleep, any information can go directly to the unconscious mind that could not go to earlier. That is, hypnotization is a psychological method through which any person is brought into the semi-conscious state through suggestions, which you can also call samadhi or self-state.

Process Of Hypnotization

But in a hypnotized state, some or all of the senses of the human eye, ear, nose are under control. One can speak, walk and write and even calculate. That is, the work a person can do in the waking state can also do all the work in a hypnotized state, but he/she does all this work on the suggestion of the hypnotist.

At this stage, you cannot argue because your curiosity is diverted. Because of which you start accepting the suggestions of the hypnotist.

Uses Of Hypnotize technique

Hypnotization is utilized as a treatment in brain research. Through this, the dread of fear implies something like the dread of mutts, the dread of obscurity, the dread of fire, the dread of falling from a height, and so forth are dealt with.

Likewise, one can dispose of enslavement by it. Aside from this, the procedure of spellbinding is likewise used to get eased from negative behavior patterns, mitigate torment, get more fit.

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