Know Secrets Of Your Past- Life

Know Your Past Life

In Hinduism and Puranas, lots of things have been mentioned about the past-life. According to the Puranas, only the body of man vanishes, the soul remains immortal forever.

A research conducted by the Bangalore-based Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has revealed that, when a hundred people leave the body, about eighty-five people are born immediately, within thirty to forty weeks. 11% of the remaining 15% have a new birth within one to three years.

After the death of a person, their soul takes on to another body. Further, this is what we call the Principle of Rebirth. On hearing the word rebirth, we also have a curiosity about what we were in our past-life. Also, we seek to know which body will our soul enter after leaving the body in this birth?

Ancient Indian Astrology has several mentions about Re-birth. Many famous astrologers, publications and institutes have also highlighted this subject. The crafting of a person’s Horoscope depends on the time, place and date of birth. By analyzing the horoscope of any person, there are a lot of questions that person can receive answers to about their rebirth and the past-life.

Monitoring specific yogas during the horoscope analysis, we can also direct which body the person came from, and which body their soul will hold after death.

Let us know about those Special Yogas for Past life analysis:

Past-Life Astrology
Past-Life Astrology
  • If in a person’s horoscope, four or more planets are of the high zodiac or same zodiac, then that person is reborn again after having a great personality in the past-life.
  • If the Moon is in a higher zodiac sign, the person was a big businessman in the past-life.
  • Ascendant Jupiter informs that, the person was a Brahmin in the past life and interested in Ved-Purana.

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  • If Jupiter is of high, looking at the first house, then the person is a godly, virtuous and wise monk or ascetic in the past life.
  • If the Sun in the horoscope is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house or is in the zodiac sign, in that case, native was supposed to be involved in corruption in the previous birth, it should be believed.
  • In case, Venus is in the first or seventh house then the native was a king or a great merchant in the past life, and he had enjoyed all the happiness.
  • Saturn in first, eleventh, seventh or in the fourth house indicates that the person was involved in immoral activities in the past life and was born in a lower caste family.
who were you in your past life?
Who Were You In Your Past-Life?

Few More Horoscope Conditions

  • If Rahu is in the first or seventh house of the person, then the person did not die naturally in the past-life.
  • If four or more planets are of the low zodiac in the horoscope, then such a person must have committed suicide in the past-life.
  • The Ascendant Mercury in the horoscope indicates that the person was the son of a merchant in the past-life and their life was affected by a variety of problems and immoral activities.
  • The presence of Mars in the seventh house, sixth house or tenth house makes it clear that the person was of an angry nature in the past-life and many people used to suffer from it.
  • If Jupiter is insight from the auspicious planets or present in the fifth or ninth house, the person was a monk in the past-life.
  • The Sun in the eleventh house of the horoscope, the Jupiter in the fifth and Venus in the twelfth house indicates that the person used to have a religious tendency in the past-life and indulged in social work.

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