Importance of Astrology in Education

Astrology in education

In today’s era, everyone wishes to attain a high level of education. Currently, all parents or guardians worry about their children’s education and try to give them the best of their capability. In ancient times there were Gurukuls and Acharyas. The aim of the Brahmin was to impart education. Thus, students lived in ashrams and studied. The education involved the study of all kinds including combats, science, medical, etc. In the ancient era, there was great importance of astrology in education.

The field of education has changed gradually over time and so have the nature of education. Presently, education from different prestigious institutions is necessary for livelihood.

According to the demand and disadvantage of today’s time and the mindset, one should get an education that can prove to be helpful for the sustenance and progress of the nation. In modern times, child education and occupation is a very peculiar scene. Regardless of the time. astrological analysis can always prove helpful in the field of education.

According to the horoscope, one can analyze the best path to walk for studies. With the help of celestial fortune, anyone can know in which field they would most successful. In Vedic Astrology, Education is directly related to the second, fourth, and fifth house of the horoscope.

Role of 2nd House in Education

Is also known as the Kutumb Bhava.

The child gets all the rites up to the age of five from his family environment. Everything that they learn, comes from their family. It contributes a lot to shape their behavior and attitude. Therefore, the second house shows the education or learning received from the family.

This house of astrology represents the family atmosphere of a person. The main role of this house is about the early education of the child. Those who do not get a formal education in childhood, they get success in life with the effect of this house. In this way, the initial rites of the child are analyzed from the second house.

Role of 4th House in Education

This house of the horoscope is also called Bandhu Bhava and Sukh Bhawa. After the initial education, the level of school education is analyzed through this house. On the basis of this house, astrologers predict the level of education of the child. Therefore, they can guide the child in choosing the subject.

The fourth house is considered to be the beginning of the foundation of the education on which the future livelihood depends.

Role of 5th House in Education

It is the most important house in education.

Education that reflects through the 5th House of astrology, helps in livelihood. The education which is useful for doing jobs or doing business reflects through the fifth house. This house has an important role in choosing the right subjects for livelihood.

Mercury, the planet of wisdom, skills, and education is the Karaka of intelligence. Along with this, Guru or Jupiter is the karaka of knowledge and math. Children with the auspicious placement of Mercury and Jupiter are good at learning, applying, and calculating.

When these two planets have a relation with the Trikon Bhava then the child attains higher education. Apart from this, the position of Panchamesh in the horoscope has a significant importance.


Many times the whole planetary position is very auspicious in the horoscope, but still, the native does not attain a good level of education, because of the inauspicious houses and afflicted or weak planets in the horoscopes.

For education, it is necessary to consider the Navamsha Kundali and the Chaturvivansha Kundali. By looking at the position of the fifth horoscope in these Kundali, the level of education can be analyzed. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert, and some remedies in case of a problem.

These were some major details about the Importance of Astrology in Education.

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