Vastu Tips on How Our Study/Office Room Should Be

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Importance of Study Room

The one thing that makes humans different from animals, is their ability to study, analyze and research subjects. The process of learning makes humans unique. We, humans, are complex beings with the ability to comprehend and act accordingly. We have the capacity to retain a large amount of information than any other species. All of this is possible, only if we give a good amount of time to Study and improve the quality of our study.

Studying requires a lot of concentration and hard work. Without mental peace, a person can never have a positive approach to achieving his goal. Hence a person should have a dedicated study room for his work, and the Vastu of the room plays a great role in spreading and creating a completely positive environment for work.

So, read on further the Vastu Tips add the best in your surrounding-

Vastu Tips to bring out the best in you and reach your true potential:

  • You must face either East or North direction while working.
  • The windows in the study room should be on the North, East or West wall.
  • Do not sit right below the beam of light.
  • There should be a lot of open space in the room, to provide the proper flow of cosmic energy.
  • The bookshelf should never be above the study table. The table should always be clutter-free to help in keeping the mind clear of distractions.
  • The room should be well lit and the person should not face a blank wall or window while working.
  • The study table should be of the perfect size with a length to width ratio of 1:2.
  • The Bookshelf should be on the North or East wall of the study room.
  • There should be images of Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha as they are a symbol of Knowledge.

Negative Impact of not following Vastu Tips

If the Study room does not follow the principles of Vastu, it can have some negative impacts:

  • You will find it difficult to focus even on the shortest time-span.
  • No matter how hard you work, you will not get adequate results.
  • You will always feel stressed while working and hence won’t be able to function at your true potential.
  • The negative energies you are carrying will not be relieved which will deteriorate the quality of your work.
  • Students would not be able to retain much information which may lead to poor performance in their examinations.

A positive atmosphere is the most essential aspect if someone wants to grow in life. So, the place where all of life’s work is done should be well planned and set up in such a manner, that always promotes your growth.

With a perfectly planned study room, you will never be out of focus and can spend long hours concentrating on your goal and achieving your target in a shorter span. So build yourself in a better way using these tips.

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