India’s 72nd Republic Day: 26th January 2021

Republic Day

January 26 is the day when every person born on the holy land of India has a great love for the country in the veins. And they remember those freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the motherland.

26 January 1950, An important date when the Constitution of India was enacted. This date has special significance in history because Hindi was taken as the official language of India for the first time in 1965.

Indian Republic: The Journey

Our country passed out almost 894 days of being liberated from British rule. Then the newly formed Constitution of India was implemented. With a 21-gun salute, Dr. Rajendra Prasad hoisted the National Flag of India.

From that day onwards, a new republic was born in India, and from that day January 26, we celebrate Republic Day every year throughout India.

From the British colony to the creation of what was now the Democratic Republic of New India, it was a truly historic victory. It was a long dream of about 2 decades, which was seen in about 1930, and came true in 1950.

Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day is a national holiday in India. The parade in the capital Delhi is the main attraction. People from all over the country participate in this ceremony lasting 3 hours. This rally under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and the President begins at Rajpath.

Three integral parts of the Indian Armed Forces – Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Air forces participate in this rally.

Scout Boys from NCC National Cadet Corp also perform in this rally. Groups from various states of India also try to reflect their culture and civilization through the scenes.

In schools, colleges and offices students give speeches, chief guests hoist the national flag and the whole atmosphere feels a smell of freedom.

Interesting Facts

  • On the first republic day 26th Jan 1950, Dr. Rajendra Prashad elected as first president of India.
  • India was the first republic country within Common Wealth.
  • Tiranga adapted as National Flag in 1947 but, Jan Gan Man adopted as National Anthem on Republic day in 1950.
  • India adopted its national animal, the lion head from the Ashoka Pillar, on Republic Day in 1950.
  • First Republic day parade held at Rajpath in 1950. But become the permanent venue in 1955.

What We Can Do To Make India Better?

  • Don’t Break Laws And Regulation.
  • Learn To Behave.
  • Help Each Other
  • learn To Conserve Resources
  • Change The Way We look at Feminism/Racism/Cast/Creed/Religion
  • Learn To Be More Like Human

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