International Mango Festival: Occasion To Celebrate King of All Fruits

International Mango Festival 2020 Occasion To Celebrate King of All Fruits

“International Mango Festival” is a historic festival that is celebrated every year in the month of July. Mango is “king of fruits” and the title says it all. It is everyone’s favorite fruit. For centuries, mango has been the sweetest delight that never fails to impress people. It is 4000 years old in India whereas western countries have been enjoying Mangos only for 400 years now. Ancient Indian rulers used to include Mango in their every possible meal as a symbol of happiness.

Not only the fruit but the Mango tree was also a dominant symbol in ancient Indian history. It was a representation of love. Kings bestowed their loved ones with Mango and the culture is carried on still. Megasthenes also wrote about the obsession of mango trees in the Indian kingdom. India has a strong history of this precious delight food.

Mango Festival Delhi

Mango festival is celebrated in the month of July, each year by Delhi Government. More than a thousand varieties of Mangos are displayed for the people and they are sold in abundance.

The festival place smells like delicious Mangos. One just cannot stay there without eating a mango. Many other events are also organized that include quizzes and mango eating competitions. Delhi Tourism works really hard to make this event successful. It happens every year ever since 1987. Mango festival also boasts the spirit of farmers to cultivate. This makes them sure that they will get a reward for their hard work.

Events in the Mango Festival

The festival is not just about laying down an exhibition of different mangos. Many other events also take place. It is more of a cultural representation for India. The ambiance at the festival is such that it shows the emotional bondage among the public.



Vendors set their stall that shows a variety of mangoes. Visitors can buy mangoes that interest their taste most. People get to know about many interesting facts about mango. This event reveals many astonishing facts about the mango that can leave you just wow about this fruit. Big business companies also attend this event to give business opportunities to vendors.


Cooking professionals also attend this event. This spices up the craze for mango among people. They let people discover a variety of recipes that they can experiment to make with mangos. Mango festival also projects big mango processors to show their skills to people.


The Government of Delhi gives sapling of the mango plant.


The two-day event is incomplete without mango quizzes. People participate to flaunt their knowledge about mangoes. This competition is very interesting and it tells you so much about mango.


Festivals are incomplete without music and dance. Various performance by brilliant artists makes this event more lively.


People participate in this competition to show their love for mangoes. They test their eating capacity. It shows love for fruit among people. This event also includes prize distribution for all winners.

India has a great production of Mangoes. International Mango Festival is to encourage people to rise the production as well as export. It tells farmers that they are an important part of the country. Many foreigners and foreign universities participate in this event to do research about Indian mangoes. It is a highly appealing festival that makes our culture even stronger.

People from all around the country participate to sell and buy mangoes. All this love and emotion for fruit is spectacular. We should embrace this spirit of the Indian government and contribute to making our culture and tradition stronger.

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