Is Front Teeth Gap a Sign of Good Luck?

front teeth gap

The beauty standards have evolved over time. Centuries ago the ideal shape of the body was narrow and slender. However, if we fast forward to the 21st century, then the ideal body type is a voluptuous body. Similarly, teeth also play a vital role in adding to a person’s beauty. Aligned teeth are believed to form that beautiful aww inspiring smile. The front teeth gap is not only cute but also has astrological significance.

But nowadays flaws are considered as a god’s work of art. The teeth gap is adorned by many now with grace and poise. In fact, People are now not resorting to filling in their god gifted feature. Not all know that it is a sign of good luck too. Let’s have a look into what the front tooth gap means.

Reasons for the gap

The medical term for the teeth gap is known as Diastema. It can occur in individuals or adults irrespective of age. It can happen any part of the teeth but is most prominent in the two front teeth. Dentists say that it’s generally hereditary and is caused when the jaws are too large. Also, looking down at your parents, aunts, and ancestors will help in pointing out if its hereditary or not.

Astrological significance

The front gap between the teeth may be a matter of concern for many. But its a sign of good luck. It brings immense fortune in one’s life an filling the gap would mean closing doors to a door to heaven. Astrologers believe that like moles even the tooth gap is fortuitous.

Further, the gap reveals several factors about an individual’s personality. So, people with this feature are highly creative and intellectual. Their adventurous nature is always on fire, they are ever ready for any expedition.

They are generally very talkative and fearless in their approach towards life. They will never bore you and will be the life of any group or party. Their daring nature helps them to stay strong in any harsh situation.

They also are very responsible, and never say no to any task that comes their way. Moreover, they are great financial managers. Money management is something that they are well equipped with.

Famous People with front teeth gap

front teeth gap

There are several celebrities that ace the teeth gap as they own it. Standing apart from the crowd makes you instantly attractive. The proof is these famous people who rock the feature.

  • Madonna
  • Chris Martin
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Dakota Johnson
  • Samuel L Jackson
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Anna Paquin
  • Robin Williams

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