Is Music Becoming a Powerful Aid of Meditation?


Sad but true, we are living in a world bound with Technology and Internet and somewhere between all these things we have lost ourselves. Emotional stress, Depression, Psychological imbalance, etc are becoming a normal part of our lives today. However, we are trying our level best to get out of all these problems. In this context, Meditation is becoming a medium that gives us a sort of relief to relax our minds. Moreover, we can say Music is also becoming a very crucial element of our lives when it comes to relaxation or peacefulness of mind.

Across the globe, music holds a special place in people’s lives. They listen to it while they drive, study, eat, read, relax and meditate. In fact, music is so common that you may be forgiven for taking it for granted and not recognizing just how it affects you daily.

Music and Meditation

Meditation lowers the stress hormones of our mind, helps us to sleep better and rewires our brain with positive energies. On the other hand, Music shifts our state of mind i.e if you are feeling low music can help you relax your brain cells which continuously keep on running. However, we can also say that music is one of the essential elements of Meditation.

Music and Meditation

When we talk about Meditation we usually think of Yoga, Exercise, Therapy etc all these things provide physical relaxation to our body. However, music provides us with internal peace of mind. When you meditate with music, it makes you a mentally stronger and more independent person.

What kind of Music help us to Meditate?

People have different type of tastes and choices. Some people love listening to hard music, some like soft music depending on their way of feeling and imagining things. However light music or soothing sounds are considered best for meditation of human minds. According to experts, listening to music while meditating is good for both your body and soul. It refreshes you from within and rejuvenates your mind.

Music and Meditation

Natural sounds, like sounds of chirping birds, can also be used as an aid of Meditation. Sound of the dawn chorus helps you relax and meditate, or the deep rumbling sound of thunder combined with the sound of heavy rainfall works for you.

Sound therapy is another way of relaxing your soul and mind. It introduces people to simple sounds such as bells, the human voice, drums, gongs, forks, and bowls. This process focuses more on normal sounds rather than listening carefully to the music.

Relaxation to Sleep

After a well tired day when we go to bed, we usually love to hear some soothing music to help ourselves to get a relaxing sleep. However, most of the times we fall asleep while listening to music. This is because music has some qualities and the waves it provides leaves a very soothing effect on our minds.

With the introduction of 3d and virtual sounds, the meditation level of music has reached new limits. The waves and transitions which these sounds provide completely change the state of or mind. We feel like someone is performing live in front of us holding a magical guitar in their hands. It’s a very good therapy we can say for those people who love to meditate and keep their mind refresh.


We can also say that these sounds possess some powers to hypnotize us and we fell like we are completely losing ourselves in that music. However, it is a very good habit if you listen to some sort of music or virtual sounds while going to bed as it helps you to have relaxing sleep.

Music and Meditation In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, if we say meditation and music both are inter-related to each other. Meditation with music makes you feel more alive mentally and emotionally. In this busy world, we need to find some time for our own self and focus on the things which are really important for us.

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