Janeu Dharana Sanskar – Health And Scientific Importance

Janeu Dharan Sanskar - Health And Scientific Importance

According to Hinduism, 16 rites are considered to be of great importance in our lives, one of these 16 samskaras is Janeu Dharana Sanskar or ‘Yajnopaveet Sanskar’. Yajnopaveet = Yajna + Upveet, ie one who has complete right to perform Yajna.

In the Sanskrit language, Janeu is called ‘Yajnopaveet’. No one gets the right to recite Vedas or chant Gayatri without wearing Yajnopaveet (Janeu).

Janeu is a sacred thread made of yarn, which people wear at the time of ‘Yajnopaveet Sanskar’. Brahmin, Kshatriya, and Vaishya society have ‘Yajnopavit Sanskar’ tradition. Commonly, the Yajna takes place when the child is 10-12 years old. In ancient times, only after wearing Janeu did the child get the right to get an education. This ancient tradition holds great importance not only in religious terms but also in scientific terms.

What is Brahmasutra?

Janeu (Yajnopaveet) is also called Brahmasutra, Yajnasutra, Vratabandha, and Balbandh. The Vedas have also been instructed to wear Janeu. It is also known as Upanayana Sanskar. ‘Upanayana’ means to take near. The person wearing Janeu becomes devoted to Brahma (God). After wearing Janeu one has to follow special rules and practices.

What is Janeu?

The sacred thread made of three threads is Janeu. The person wearing Yajnopavitha wears it above the left shoulder and below the right arm. This way, it stays on the neck in such a way that it stays above the left shoulder.

Mantra For Janeu Dharana Sanskar

Yajnopavitam Param Prabham Prajapateryatsahjn Purast.
Ayushyamagra Pratimuncha Shubram Yajnopavitam Balamastu Tejah

Who can wear Janeu?

According to Hinduism, it is the duty of every Hindu to wear a thread and follow its rules.

Types of Janeu

There are mainly two types of threads, three threads, and six threads.

How many threads should a person wear?

For Brahmachari there is a law of three threaded Janue, a married man should wear a threaded thread. Of the six threads of Janeu, three threads are said to be of the man’s and three threads are those of his wife. A girl who practices lifelong celibacy can also wear Janeu.

Janeu Dharana Sanskar rules

  • Janeu should be put above the right ear before the excretion of urine and cleaning hands. This means that Janeu rises above the waist and is not impure.
  • One must replace if any thread of the Janeu is dirty.
  • One must not put off the Janeu the body. To clean it, one may roll it over the shoulder and wash it. Once a person is wearing a thread, they cannot remove it. After getting dirty, one has to wear another thread immediately after taking off.

What is the thread of Yagyopaveet?

Why three threads?

Yajnopavit mainly consists of three sutras, each sutra has three threads. First thread The three sutras present in it are the symbols of Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh who always bless the one wearing the Yajnopavit. The second thread depicts Devaruna, Pitrurana, and Rishiruna, and the third aspect of Sattva, Raja, and Tama is a virtuous increase.

Health and Scientific Importance Janeu

Scientifically, wearing Janeu is very beneficial. This ancient tradition holds great importance not only in religious terms but also in the scientific and scientific sense.

  • According to doctors, due to Janeu’s passing through the heart, it makes the blood circulation smooth. Therefore it reduces the chance of heart disease.
  • The person wearing Janeu cannot take off his thread until after he has washed his hands and feet and rinses after the excretion of feces due to the rules. Therefore, due to cleanliness, it keeps teeth, mouth, stomach diseases away.
  • Before excretion of urine and urine, the Janeu has to be wrapped tightly on the right ear twice. The two veins behind the ear have a connection to the intestines, stomach, the pressure of the Janeu on the ear veins has a direct effect on the intestines, which opens the intestines completely, allowing easy excretion of feces. Janeu stops its velocity, which causes stomach diseases (constipation, ACDT), urinary diseases, blood pressure, heart diseases, and other infectious diseases.
  • Wrapping Janeu on the right ear awakens the Sun pulse.

So, these were some major points about Janeu Dharana Sanskar.

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