Guru Chandal Yoga- Effect and Remedies

In this world, all the people have a different life pattern. According to Vedic astrology, it is because of the movement of planets. As these planets are posited in different forms in everyone’s horoscope, they bring different effects to their lives. The future is predicted according to these planets in the horoscope. For this, expert astrologers study the placement of planets. With the help of the analysis, they decide which planet would bring auspicious and inauspicious effects.

According to the movement of these planets, sometimes humans have to face extremely negative results. Because of which their life is affected a lot in many ways. According to astrology, one of the main reasons for this cruel impact is Chandal dosha.

Let us know what effect Chandal Dosh can bring in your life and how can you save yourself from it-

What is Guru Chandal Yoga

Chandal Dosh is also known as Guru Chandal Yoga. The guru of the gods, that is, the planet Jupiter or Brihaspati, has a big role in this dosha. Jupiter, the God of wisdom, and Rahu, together form this dreadful yoga in Kundali. When Rahu and Jupiter come together or aspect each other sitting in any house, then they form Guru Chandal Yoga.

Rahu is considered to be the most dangerous and most troublesome planet. Rahu has the main role in this yoga, so consequently, this yoga brings a situation of great loss in a native’s life. Moreover, If both these planets sit together in the horoscope, then the life of the native is sure to be full of troubles and difficulties.

Its persistent negative consequences leave the native in the depths of despair and disappointment. It becomes difficult for them to solve all these problems.

Chandal Dosh Effect

  • This dosha has a very bad effect on the life of any person. Regardless of how much the natives try to prove their actions but this Dosha surrounds them with bad luck.
  • Guru Chandal Dosha repeatedly interrupts their work. It does not allow their actions to be completed. It hinders the nation’s conscience. Eventually, they can become mentally weak.
  • It may push them to a wrong decision.
  • Many times the native takes some decision even after taking charge or in a hurry, after which they have to suffer loss. As a result, the possibility of getting involved in legal issues also increases. They may be forced to visit the court for several legal reasons.
  • Due to this dosha, the native also becomes lustful and subject to lust.
  • The attraction towards lust leads to their character’s downfall. They do not hesitate to disrespect their elders and respectable people.
  • Such people can also gamble money for the property. They can get violent too.
  • Apart from this, they also become cruel, deceitful, drunken. In their business, there is a confluence of qualities like jealousy, deception, conspiracy, slyness, maliciousness.
  • Individuals suffering from this Guru Chandal Dosha suffer physical suffering as well as mental distress. They can even suffer a brain injury.

Remedies For Guru Chandal Yoga

  • Control your speech and try to speak sweetly.
  • The natives can worship the planet Jupiter and seek his blessings. It diminishes the effect of Guru Chandal Dosh.
  • Honoring parents and elders also reduces the negative effects of Guru Chandal Dosh.
  • Make your behavior polite and meet people in the most loving way.
  • Before taking any decision, you may seek advice from an elder person.
  • Offering food to cows and worshipping them also leads to the attainment of virtue. Thus, you may feed green grass to cows.
  • Help the poor needy with food, food, clothes, money, etc.
  • The negative effects of Rahu can also be eliminated by worshiping Lord Hanuman. Hence, recite Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Regular worship of Shiva and Lord Ganesha also gives auspicious results and removes the harmful effect of Guru Chandal Dosh.
  • You may offer raw milk to the root of the banyan tree.

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